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Why Do Christians Still Sin After Being Saved?

Although our sins are forgiven by the Lord, we have never been able to escape the bondage of sin, we often lie and deceive, we are stuck in the cycle of sinning and confessing, and we cannot keep the Lord’s teachings. So…

January 20, 2019

Our Warning From the Pharisees’ Failure

By MinghuiThe Lord Jesus said, “For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind” (John 9:39). “If you were blind, you should have no sin: but now you…

July 20, 2019

I Finally Found the Path to Be Cleansed of Sin

By Meng’ai, TaiwanAlmighty God says, “When Jesus came into the world of man, He ushered in the Age of Grace and ended the Age of Law. During the last days, God once more became flesh, and with this incarnation He ended t…

October 14, 2020

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