Relationship With God

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How Do We Worship God in Spirit and in Truth?

The Lord requires that we worship God in spirit and in truth, for only in that way can we win His praise. But what exactly does worshiping God in spirit and in truth entail? Does God praise our practices? Here's the answ…

January 3, 2019

God Answers Prayers - 3 Principles We Need to Master

Many brothers and sisters feel perplexed: Why does God not listen to our prayers? How should we pray so that we can receive God’s praise? Actually, there are a few reasons why God may not listen to our prayers.

September 28, 2018

Learning to Pray: 4 Key Elements of Christian Prayer

How to pray to gain God’s approval is a truth we urgently need to enter into. This essay points out a path for how Christians can pray so that the Lord will hear. We can honestly pray to God from our souls, tell God what…

December 31, 2018

3 Ways of How to Overcome Temptation

As Christians, learning how to recognize Satan’s trickery is critical. So what can we do to enable ourselves to see through Satan’s trickery in the midst of spiritual warfare and stand witness for God?

January 1, 2019

3 Must-Knows for How to Pray Effectively

As Christians, prayer is an indispensable part of our everyday lives, and the most direct way to draw close to God. Let’s have fellowship on this today and by resolving these three issues, our prayers may be heard by God…

April 5, 2019

Christian Devotional Song | "True Prayer"

Worship Song | Learn How to Pray to God | "True Prayer" True prayer is speaking your heart’s words to God. It’s based on God’s will and His word. True prayer is feeling, oh, so close to God, as if He’s in front of you.

June 12, 2018

I Am Unfit to See Christ

“You always wish to see Christ, but I exhort you not to exalt yourselves so; everyone may see Christ, but I say none are fit to see Christ. Because the nature of man is filled with evil, arrogance, and rebellion, when yo…

March 2, 2015

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