234 Comporting Myself Anew and Comforting God’s Heart


I’ve been so deeply corrupted by Satan, I become arrogant about whatever I possess.

I show off in my work and my sermons—I think I’m amazing.

I’m too self-righteous, too self-important! It’s hard to shed my arrogant nature.

I’m too lowly, too contemptible! No shred of humanity can be found in me.

With me always disguising myself and showing off, how could God not be grieved?


God has seen through my heart, and what God’s words expose has shamed me.

I’ve believed in God for years, yet my disposition has not changed. I still live out the same old likeness.

I’m as lowly as dirt, yet I always want people to esteem me;

I crave fame and status, and do not know the truth’s value.

God’s words have made everything clear—I regret that I’ve not put my heart into pursuing the truth.


Through the judgment and chastisement of God’s words, I’ve finally awakened.

I’ve been so arrogant as to have lost my humanity and reason; truly, I’m not worthy of being called human.

In order to save mankind, God is humble and hidden in the flesh.

I am filthy and lowly, with no honor to speak of.

I bow before God and repent to Him; I will never again rebel against Him.


God’s words have moved my heart; the judgment of His words has cleansed me.

God’s love has conquered my heart. I will never again seek fame or gain.

I resolve to do my duty well and repay God’s love.

I’ll expend myself for God and comport myself anew and comfort His heart.

I’ll practice the truth, live by God’s words, and take the path of light in life.

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