253 I Ask Only That God Be Satisfied


I’ve enjoyed so much of God’s grace but failed to pursue the truth.

I did my duty in a perfunctory manner and I cheated God; I’ve broken His heart.

Time and time again, God showed lenience and mercy, and He gave me many chances to repent.

Judgment, chastisement, chastening and discipline—they woke my numb heart up.

By understanding the truth, I experience God’s love; my heart is consumed with remorse.

His boundless grace and favor I have repaid not one jot: I am ashamed to face Him.

To pursue the truth, become a new person, and repay God’s love,

this is my wish, my one true wish.


I keep God’s exhortations firmly in my heart to accomplish my mission.

I practice the truth and fulfill my duty, that God’s heart may be pleased.

By God’s sovereignty and arrangements, I meet adversity and undergo trials.

How can I be negative, how can I hide? God’s glory comes first.

In adversity, God’s words guide me and my faith is perfected.

To God I give my utmost devotion, what does it matter if I die? God’s will is higher than all.

Unheeding the future, not reckoning gain or loss, I ask only that God be satisfied.

I bear resounding witness and bring shame down on Satan, to God’s greater glory.

I pledge loyalty to the death to repay God’s love, I praise Him with my whole heart.

My eyes have seen the Sun of righteousness, truth reigns supreme on earth.

Righteous and holy is God’s disposition, worthy of mankind’s praise.

I love Almighty God with all my heart, I love Him forever.

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