Even though these words do not comprise the entirety of God’s expressions, they are sufficient for people to achieve the purposes of knowing God and undergoing a change in disposition. Perhaps there are some who think that, because God’s work in the Chinese mainland has ended, this proves that He has finished uttering all the words that He should, and that He cannot possibly have anything new to say, for God is only able to speak these words. Moreover, there are those who believe that The Word Appears in the Flesh contains all the expressions of God in the Age of Kingdom, and that obtaining this book is equivalent to obtaining God’s all, or that this book will lead mankind in the future just as the Bible did. I trust that those who hold such views are not in the minority, because people always like to impose limitations upon God. Even though they all proclaim that God is omnipotent and all-encompassing, their nature still makes it easy for them to delimit God within a certain scope. Everyone is getting to know God, but meanwhile everyone is also resisting and delimiting Him.

God’s work in the Age of Kingdom has only just begun. All of the utterances of God contained in this book are simply aimed at those who were following Him at that time, and they are merely a portion of His expressions that have been made in His current incarnation; they do not represent God’s all. Moreover, it cannot be said that it encompasses all of the work that God will do while in this incarnation. God will target His words at people of various ethnicities and backgrounds, and He will conquer all of mankind and end the old age. As such, how could He wrap it all up after just expressing such a small portion of His words? It is simply that His work is divided into different time periods and different stages; He is working in accordance with His plan and expressing His words in accordance with His steps. How could man possibly fathom God’s omnipotence and wisdom? The fact I wish to explain here is this: What God is and has is eternally inexhaustible and infinite. God is the source of life and all things; He cannot be fathomed by any created being. Lastly, I must continue to remind everybody: Do not delimit God in books, in words, or in His past utterances ever again. There is only one word to describe the characteristic of God’s work: new. He does not like to take old paths or repeat His work; moreover, He does not want people to worship Him by delimiting Him within a certain scope. This is God’s disposition.

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