The Chosen People of China Are Not Capable of Representing Any Tribe of Israel

The house of David was a family that originally received the promises and inheritance of Jehovah. It was originally one of the tribes of Israel and belonged among the chosen people. At the time, Jehovah decreed a law for the Israelites that said all Jewish people who belonged to the house of David—all who were born into that house—would receive His inheritance. They would be those who received a hundredfold, who gained the status of firstborn sons; they would be, at that time, the most elevated people among all the Israelites, with the highest position among all the families of Israel, and they would serve Jehovah directly in the temple, wearing priestly robes and crowns. Jehovah then called them faithful and saintly servants, and they gained the esteem of all other tribes of Israel. Thus, at the time, they were all respectfully referred to as lords—all this was the work of Jehovah in the Age of Law. Today, they still render such service to Jehovah in the temple, so they are forevermore the kings whom Jehovah enthroned. No one can take away their crown, and no one can alter their service, because they belong by origin to the house of David; this is what Jehovah bestowed upon them. The reason you do not belong by origin to the house of David is that you are not people of Israel, belonging instead to Gentile families outside of Israel. Moreover, your nature is not to worship Jehovah, but to resist Him, so your identity is, by nature, different from that of the people of the house of David, and you are not those who will receive My inheritance, still less are you those who will receive a hundredfold.

At that time, Israel was divided into many different houses and many different tribes, yet they were all the chosen people. However, Israel is different from other nations in that its people are categorized by tribe, as are their positions before Jehovah and the land to which each person belongs. In countries other than Israel, one cannot casually claim membership in the houses of David, Jacob, or Moses. This would be contrary to fact—the tribes of Israel cannot casually be misattributed to other countries. People frequently misuse the names of David, Abraham, Esau, and so on, or they say: “We have now accepted God, so we are of the house of Jacob.” Saying such things is nothing but baseless human reasoning; it does not come directly from Jehovah, nor does it come from My own ideas. It is purely human nonsense! Just like an orator who spins tall tales, people groundlessly think of themselves as the descendants of David or part of the family of Jacob, and they believe themselves worthy of being so. Do people not know that those of the house of David were long ago ordained by Jehovah, that David did not crown himself king? However, there are many who shamelessly claim to be descendants of the house of David—people are so ignorant! The truth is that the affairs of Israel have nothing to do with the Gentiles—they are two different things, completely unrelated. The affairs of Israel can only be spoken of to the people of Israel, unrelated as they are to the Gentiles, and the work currently being done among the Gentiles likewise has nothing to do with the people of Israel. What I say now determines what is said about the Gentiles, and the work done in Israel cannot be taken as a “prefiguration” of the work among the Gentiles. Would that not show that God is too conventional? Only when the work begins to spread among the Gentiles is what is said about them or their outcome revealed. So for people to say, as they have in the past, “We are the descendants of David,” or “Jesus is the son of David” is even more preposterous. My work is compartmentalized. I would not “call a deer a horse”; rather, the work is divided according to its sequential order.

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