Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “You Should Seek the Way of Compatibility With Christ”


Now we want to become compatible with Christ, where do we find this path? How should we put it into practice? If you are someone who came from the Age of Grace, isn’t “How should we treat the Bible” the first question that we should ask? You must watch the movie Who Is My Lord, as well as the movie Disclose the Mystery About the Bible. Both of these movies fellowshiped about the truths regarding the treatment of the Bible in a very thorough manner. Now we seek to become compatible with Christ, which is to become someone truly obedient to God, someone who truly worships God. All of the obstacles, problems, and confusions within us have already been revealed by God. If these problems have not been resolved, we are unable to attain compatibility with Christ. Many people say: “I acknowledge that Christ is God incarnate, I acknowledge that the expressions of Christ are the words of God, voices of God, is this not sufficient to become compatible with God?” This does not make sense. Why does it not make sense? Is this a simple matter? Can you really resolve the notions that you have within you? Inside of you, if the satanic nature of resisting God, the way of thinking that resists God, the disposition that resists God have not been resolved, can you guarantee that you will not do anything which resists God? Can you guarantee that you will obey God in all things? Can you guarantee that you will fulfill all your duties and be completely loyal to God? So, what problems have to be resolved in order for man to attain compatibility with God? Where do all the corruption, all the rebellion and resistance within man come from? Where do they originate? What is the source of these problems? It is the satanic nature of man. How is this satanic nature of man formulated? Can you see through it? Those who understand the Bible, come forward and tell us, can you see through this practical problem? Even those who wrote the Bible were unable to see through this problem, can those who study the Bible see through it? Even Paul was unable to see through it, even Moses was unable to see through it, is that not the case?

There was once a new believer in Taiwan, and he was listening to me preach. I was talking about the dark and evil political powers of the world: “Look at Taiwan. One person became the president, and the masses were full of confidence in him, looking to him to fix Taiwan. But in just a few years, he turned into a prodigious embezzler, looting everywhere from his people, and keeping all this loot in his bank accounts. Eventually, he was removed and ousted.” Just because I casually said this in passing, this person quit: “What you are saying is an attack on our Taiwanese president, this won’t do, I am against it!” and he stopped believing in God. He got tripped over from just this one thing I said. I never thought that an ordinary Taiwanese president held such an important position in his mind, and I said, I didn’t think this would happen. How could someone who believed in God champion a president of the world? It seemed that the words of this president held more value than what I said. This man would rather believe in the words of a president than believe in my words, words of an ordinary person. Could he have believed in the words of God? Who did he believe in, Almighty God, or the president? It is not easy to tell, is it? This is an accident. Such things do not happen often, but are you able to say that men hold no notions of God? Just such simple words were able to incite a person to strike back, resulting in people not believing. I never thought that it was possible. Tell me, what problem is this? Therefore, it is far from easy for someone who believes in God to become compatible with God. You did not realize that you cannot be careless with any of your words. Like me, I talk a lot in God’s house. After God has done His work and given us His words, I have to take over the majority of the work. Tell me, I tell things as they are, how would I know which words I say would incite the opposition and condemnation of which person, and cause notions in people? I know not how many people have notions of me. Can someone tell me what this problem is? Some people get notions and rise up in opposition from just what I said. What would their attitude be toward the words of God? Can they obey all His words? Can they accept all of them? Are there difficulties? There are difficulties. While some people have not got notions from what I say, yet just one tempting word that their friend or family says could trip them over, such that they can no longer stand on their own. Look at all the people in the Church of Almighty God. Those who have joined for over two years, they have seen through all the negative publicity from the unbelievers. In general, to those who have joined for one year, I would ask: “Are you able to distinguish the lies and rumors from Satan?” “I cannot distinguish all of them, but I can see through them, and I won’t accept them.” I would say: “Can Satan’s evil forces, the great red dragon, and the forces of religious antichrists still confuse you?” “They won’t confuse me, that is for sure.” Therefore, these people can be said that, to some extent, they have truly broken through the obstruction, control, and bondage of Satan’s evil forces. If they can understand some more truths, if their disposition can change a little more, then they will be able to completely break away from the influence of Satan. These are the true people of the kingdom. Then how far away are you still from this result, this level? Would you say that it is quite a distance away? You do not believe me? If I say “This certain Taiwanese, the devil; that certain someone, that one is pure Satan,” some of you would say “Oh? You are saying that such good people of ours are Satan the devil? I am not listening to you, your way is not right!” and these people would rebel against God. What does this say? While you are able to accept and acknowledge that Almighty God is the second coming of the Lord Jesus, that He is God incarnate, you are still very far from attaining compatibility with God. Maybe someday you might even turn your back to God. I look at the several of you today, with smile on your faces, feeling you have accepted the true way, that you have returned to stand in front of God. This bliss, this relief, such a gratification, this is so wonderful. This truly feels like supping with Christ. Yet who knows that, maybe someday, one of you could be gone, returning to the mundane world, pursuing physical comfort and enjoyment of the flesh. Because of what? Because of notions of God, because of notions regarding God’s work, you would turn your back to God. There are some few people from Taiwan who have also turned their backs to God. I know some of these people. Look at them, are they missing any eyes or ears? They haven’t even lost any hair. Can you see how exaggerated are the lies being told by the great red dragon?

To accept Almighty God’s work, one must experience the judgment and chastisement of God, and the pruning and dealing. This is critical. If you truly acknowledge that the words of Almighty God are the truth, are the medicine that cleanses us, are the life that perfects us, then you will have to suffer a little, be wronged a little, even be shamed a little. Can you take on such hardship? It is easy to answer to this with enthusiasm, but it is not easy to put this into practice. Once you have been shamed in the real world, once you have been abandoned by your relatives, friends, and your generation in the real world, are you still willing to turn to God, willing to obey God, from the bottom of your heart? Can you truly let go of all the splendor and riches, honor, position, including wealth, family, and family happiness? The family of God does not demand you to do so. If you say that the family of God has made such demands, you stand with the great red dragon. The Chinese Communist Party says: “The Church of Almighty God will ask people to leave behind everything in order to follow God.” I ask, in Christianity, had the Lord Jesus not demanded such things from men? Have not the saints through the ages been doing so? These witnessing have all been performed long ago, why do you not condemn those people? Why do you condemn the Church of Almighty God? Had the Lord Jesus not said such words? Have not the saints through the ages turned their backs on marriage, their family, the world, in the name of God, to follow God, to preach the Lord Jesus, and to bear witness for the Lord Jesus? Have they not? There have been too many of them. Which law from which country has condemned this as a crime? Has this been condemned as a crime? The Chinese Communist Party said, “The Church of Almighty God breaks up families.” Is this fair? Is this the reality? To follow God, to pursue the truth, to give yourself for righteousness, people willingly decide to do such things. Has the family of God forced anyone? Isn’t this the work of the Lord Jesus during the Age of Grace? What did the Lord Jesus say? “Whoever he be of you that forsakes not all that he has, he cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:33). The Lord Jesus called on the twelve disciples Himself, and said, “Come you after me” (Mark 1:17). He also said, “Go you into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). Are you saying that the Lord Jesus had been wrong in saying so? This is recorded in the Bible. All of the religious communities, and all the saints through the ages have acted in such a way, why do you not dare to condemn them? Why do you come here and vilify the Church of Almighty God by saying that it breaks up families? Is this not a pack of lies told by Satan? You are following God, yet you are unable to see through this. You know not how to tell the difference between true and false, to tell black from white.

To spend for God, to become compatible with Christ, it is easy to understand these words of God, but they are not easy to practice. This is a journey. You believe in Almighty God, and you say: “Great, Almighty God is the second coming of the Lord Jesus. God has arrived to perform His work of the last days, to carry out His judgment work of the last days to cleanse us, and eventually bring us into the kingdom of heaven. The talk of being raptured and brought into the kingdom of heaven shall come true in the judgment work of the last days performed by Almighty God.” It is your wish to be raptured and brought into the kingdom of heaven, is it not? We must all appear before the seat of Christ to receive judgment such that we may be cleansed, and this is the path to enter the kingdom of heaven. Do you see it clearly now? The Lord Jesus prophesied, “And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom comes; go you out to meet him” (Matthew25:6). What follows after these words? Those who have taken oil with them are ready to sup with Him. What is this “supper”? It is called “the marriage supper of the Lamb,” it is also called the “supper in heaven.” It is this “supper” that none of those who study the Bible are able to understand. What is the meaning of “the marriage supper of the Lamb”? There are no men eating and drinking with God at this supper, enjoying themselves. The reality on earth is men appearing before the seat of Christ to receive judgment, men eating and drinking God’s words, face to face with God. Eating and drinking God’s words, you will be face to face with God, looking upon God; eating and drinking God’s words, pondering God’s words, you will understand God’s will; eating and drinking God’s words, you will understand the truth, know God’s words, and know God’s disposition. Therefore, the more one eats and drinks God’s words, the more one comes face to face with God. During the Age of Grace, men’s belief in God happened in a fog, as if looking through the mist, unable to see things clearly. Now, the more we eat and drink God’s words, the more this fog clears up, and the clearer we see things. The more we eat and drink God’s words, the more we understand the truth, the more we know God’s disposition, the more we understand God’s will, and eventually, we come face to face with God. This is the supper. The result that this “supper” has achieved is to attain the understanding of truth and to know God, through eating and drinking God’s words and experiencing God’s words, and eventually to come face to face with God. This coming face to face with God, this is how we sup with God. “He with me,” He now acknowledges me; “I with him,” I now know Him. If those who have not attended this supper should pray to the Lord one day: “Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name? and in your name have cast out devils? and in your name done many wonderful works?” What did the Lord Jesus say? “I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity” (Matthew7:23). Why would He say such a thing? Not having attended this supper. Why do many people not accept God’s work of the last days? They say: “The promises of the Lord Jesus shall be fulfilled. What the Lord says counts. We cannot betray the Lord. His second coming is to take us to heaven, His return to heaven was to prepare our place. He shall prepare our place, then come and take us. We shall await the Lord to come take us to the kingdom of heaven, and meet with the Lord in the air.” Is this not in conflict with the Lord’s work, with the Lord’s appearance? They are awaiting the Lord to take them to the air to meet with the Lord, and they believe that to attend the supper is to meet the Lord in the air. That which the Church of Almighty God is bearing witness for, is the work of God as He arrives on earth. After men have accepted the work of Almighty God, appearing before the seat of Christ to receive judgment and be cleansed, those who remain shall be brought into the kingdom of God. “This path is not right, this is different from what we have understood from the Bible,” therefore they do not accept. Tell me, which path is correct? Which one is real? Is this matter simple? That is to say, once the truth is involved, once God’s words are involved, true understanding does not come easily. Just one truth can take you half a month to experience, even fellowshiping shall take ten days or so for you to say “I now understand,” from the bottom of your heart. If you have not put in the work of ten days or so, then what is it that you have understood? You are merely in the clouds, and you are looking through the mist. It seems like you have an understanding, but that is not the case. This is not true understanding. Is this not the case? Which one of those who interpret the Bible is able to truly grasp this matter? Who has clearly grasped this? No one can truly grasp God’s words. Therefore, all those who interpret the Bible are false prophets, those who claim themselves as Christ are all false Christs, can this be understood? Don’t say that you understand, you still have a trace of doubt in your heart.

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