To Gain the Truth, One Must Learn From the People, Events, and Things Nearby

Right now, those who wholeheartedly believe in God are focused on doing their duties diligently, and want to do their duties well. However, because everyone has a corrupt disposition, and they each have their own respective difficulties and shortcomings, it is difficult for them to do their duty adequately—that would require them to pursue and work hard on the truth. When difficulties come, everyone should pray together and seek the truth to jointly resolve their problems. This is the responsibility and duty of every person. Everyone has a responsibility and obligation to do their duty well. This is not the responsibility of one person in particular; rather, it is everyone’s joint responsibility. So, everyone must work hard together and learn to collaborate harmoniously. Other than equipping themselves with the truth, everyone must also equip themselves with professional knowledge, play to their own strengths, learn some practical things, learn from each other, and improve their weaknesses by helping one another. By doing this, they will get better and better results in their duties.

Why do you think it is so difficult for nonbelievers to do anything, and why are their obstacles so great? It is because people have satanic natures; they all live according to corrupt dispositions, want to show off, want to have the final say, and have no way to collaborate harmoniously. Thus, it is very difficult for them to do anything successfully. Halfway through doing something, they fall apart from disunity, and part ways. Those with good humanity are able to go a bit further. Sooner or later, those who do not have the truth will stumble. If you can clearly see this point, then you ought to learn to accept and submit to the truth, and to collaborate harmoniously with others. Why do people not collaborate harmoniously? (Because people are arrogant and self-righteous. They always think they are right, and they are unwilling to accept the suggestions of others.) Arrogance and self-righteousness are both part of a corrupt disposition. Is this problem easy to solve? Can anyone solve it? Nonbelievers are absolutely unable to solve this sort of problem. Why? Because they do not accept the truth. They live according to satanic philosophies, their own will, tricks, schemes, deceit, and their satanic dispositions. They do not accept the truth, much less put it into practice, nor do they seek to know themselves, rebel against themselves, or submit to the truth. They say absolutely nothing about these positive matters and correct paths. They never acknowledge that God is the truth and will never believe in Him, so no matter what career they take up and in whatever they do, they always end up failing and bringing ruin upon themselves. In the house of God, it is different. In the house of God, God is the one who governs; His words and the truth are what govern. Each day, God’s chosen people eat and drink His words, and fellowship about the truth. Their hearts become increasingly filled with light, and they are willing to strive toward the truth, and obtain it. Why are brothers and sisters more effective when working together than nonbelievers? At the very least, they have a foundation: They are all people who wholeheartedly believe in God, and in the house of God, they are unified in their thinking and efforts when performing their duties. Additionally, they have a shared faith, shared goals, and their spirits are interconnected. Whether they are from the north, the south, or the Central Plains, although their dialects are different, they nevertheless quickly become familiar with each other as they fellowship about faith and discuss their experiences, as if they had known each other a long time. They feel like they are members of the same family. What’s more, those who do not handle matters practically, who always scheme and deceive, who play tricks, who are always arrogant and self-righteous, who follow their own will, and who do not accept even the slightest bit of the truth, cannot stand firm in the house of God. They are naturally eliminated and cleared out, because God’s house is governed by truth. This is all visible, and has already been proven true. No matter your age, sex, or even your level of skill, if you say, “I understand my area of expertise, so what I say is correct. I won’t listen to you!” then what kind of view will everyone have of you? Will they praise this kind of person? (No, they will not.) Can this kind of person do their duty well and stand firm? (No, they cannot.) It is easy for them to be eliminated. Some people are good at speaking and their speech is particularly pleasant to listen to, but they do not do anything practical. At first, people will have good feelings toward them, but what about later on? Everyone will see the truth about them, and will say, “This person speaks pleasantly on the surface, but they don’t do anything practical. One glance at them, and you can tell they do not love the truth. They focus on pretending, and how they package themselves. They have never fellowshipped about the truth or reflected on themselves. They are the same as the nonbelievers, they are disbelievers.” After seeing this, people will start to become annoyed with them, thinking that speaking or working with them would not be constructive or helpful. This sort of person makes others feel unhappy and their spirits unliberated, and they will slowly start to distance themselves from this person. When the person sees that they have been abandoned by others, and that they have become totally isolated, then they will start to reflect on themselves. Only then will they realize, “It is unacceptable for a person not to pursue the truth. Relying on petty tricks, caliber, and gifts, or my own experiences, lessons, philosophies for worldly dealings, and tactics simply won’t work in the house of God. I must accept and pursue the truth in order to avoid being eliminated!” If such a person truly repents and changes, then there is still a thread of hope that they can be saved.

In the house of God, what kind of person do the majority of people like? (They like people who pursue the truth, can accept it, and who have the truth reality.) How do people who have the truth reality show it? (They are more honest.) They possess an honest humanity. What else? (They are more devout.) On the outside they live out more devout and proper lives, and others benefit from seeing them. What else? (They are able to practice the truth, and they act with principle.) These are some practical ways in which they show it. What things does acting with principle include? What details are there? For example, when it comes to how to treat people, regardless of whether they have status or not, or whether they are brothers and sisters, leaders, or workers, what principles should be observed? Without a doubt, it is only fair and reasonable that they must be treated according to God’s word and the truth. You absolutely cannot rely on feelings or personal preferences, getting close to one but distancing yourself from another, taking advantage of those who are guileless but pandering to those who are impressive, or forming cliques to create factional conflict. Moreover, you cannot attack or discriminate against those who pursue the truth and do their duties. You must treat people according to the truth principles. That is the principle of how to treat people, and it is also the principle of how to get along with others. Those who believe in God must treat all people fairly. Winning people over when they are useful, and discriminating against people who are not useful—is this the principle by which you should treat people? This is the nonbelievers’ philosophy for worldly dealings, a satanic disposition, and satanic logic. In God’s house, what are the principles for how people are treated? You should treat everyone according to the truth principles, and you should treat each of your brothers and sisters fairly. How to treat them fairly? This must be based on God’s words, on which people God saves, and which He eliminates, on which He likes, and which He hates; these are the truth principles. Brothers and sisters should be treated with loving help, and mutual acceptance and patience. Evil people and disbelievers should be identified, separated, and kept away from. Only by doing so are you treating people with principles. Every brother and sister has strengths and shortcomings, and they all have corrupt dispositions, so when they are together, they should lovingly help each other out, they should be accepting and patient and should not nitpick or be too harsh. In particular, brothers and sisters who have not believed in God for very long, or who are young, should be cared for abundantly and patiently supported. If they reveal some corruption, then fellowship with them about the truth and patiently exhort them. Absolutely do not casually condemn them or exaggerate their issues, because that is harsh. If you are afraid and hide when you find out about a false leader or antichrist who is doing evil deeds, and you do not dare expose it; but when you realize your brothers and sisters have some revelations of corruption, you latch onto them and make mountains out of molehills, what kind of behavior is this? People who do this are odious and take advantage of others. This is not a fair way to treat others; rather, you are acting according to personal preference. This is a corrupt, satanic disposition, which is a transgression! God sees everything that people do. However you act and think in your heart, God is scrutinizing! Whatever you do, you need to grasp the principles. First of all, you must understand the truth. Once you understand the truth, it will be easy for you to understand God’s intentions, and you will know the principles by which God requires people to treat others. You will know how to treat people, and you will be able to treat them in accordance with God’s intentions. If you do not understand the truth, you will certainly not be able to understand God’s intentions, and you will not treat others in a principled way. How you are to treat others is clearly shown or hinted at in God’s words; the attitude with which God treats humanity is the attitude people should adopt in their treatment of one another. How does God treat each and every person? Some people are of immature stature; or are young; or have believed in God for only a short time; or are not bad by nature essence, not malicious, but are just a bit ignorant or lacking in caliber. Or they are subject to too many constraints, and are yet to understand the truth, yet to have life entry, so it is difficult for them to keep from doing foolish things or committing ignorant acts. But God does not fixate on people’s passing foolishness; He looks only at their hearts. If they are resolved to pursue the truth, they are then correct, and when this is their objective, then God is observing them, waiting for them, and giving them time and opportunities that allow them to enter. It is not the case that God will write them off over a single transgression. That is something people often do; God never treats people like that. If God does not treat people in that way, then why do people treat others in that way? Does this not show their corrupt disposition? This is precisely their corrupt disposition. You have to look at how God treats ignorant and foolish people, how He treats those with immature stature, how He treats the normal revelations of humanity’s corrupt disposition, and how He treats those who are malicious. God treats different people in different ways, and He also has various ways of managing different people’s myriad conditions. You must understand these truths. Once you have understood these truths, you will then know how to experience matters and treat people according to principles.

Does God determine whether or not a person will be saved based on the level of their corruption? Does He determine whether or not to judge and chastise them based on the size of their transgressions or the amount of their corruption? Does He determine their destination and outcome based on their looks, their family background, the level of their caliber, or how much they have suffered? God does not use these things as a basis for His decisions; He does not even look at these things. So you must understand that since God does not measure people based on these things, you should not measure people based on these things, either. Say you see someone who looks attractive and seems like a good person, so you start talking with them more, engage with them, get close to them, and become good friends. Then, say you see someone who is unattractive, unpleasant to listen to, doesn’t know how to interact with others, and does not fit in, so you do not acknowledge them, and sometimes even want to bully them, or say nasty words to suppress them—what sort of way is that to treat people? All these things stem from a corrupt, satanic disposition. Are you willing to live with such a corrupt, satanic disposition? Are you willing to be constrained and bound by your corrupt, satanic dispositions, and to have them direct your actions? (No.) According to people’s subjective desires, no one is willing to do anything or perform their duty living within the corrupt disposition of Satan. In people’s subjective wills, they aim for good, and are willing to practice the truth, but if people don’t understand the truth or pursue the truth, aren’t serious about the truth or don’t make any effort with it, then they will not be able to enter into the truth reality. If you are not able to enter into it, then what you live out, the principles you adopt in everything you do, and the words that you say will not conform to the truth, and these things will be completely without the truth. If there is any aspect of the truth you don’t understand, then you will be absolutely unable to enter into the truth reality, and if you cannot enter into it, then you will have no truth. Is there any humanity in those who have no truth? (No.) Everything that people like this live out is the corrupt disposition of Satan. It is not the case that people become someone who has truth realities as soon as they start doing their duty. Doing one’s duty is no more than one method and one channel to take. In the doing of their duties, people use the pursuit of the truth to experience the work of God, gradually understand and accept the truth, and then practice the truth. They then reach a state where they cast off their corrupt disposition, get rid of the bonds and control of the corrupt disposition of Satan, and so they become someone who has the truth reality and someone with a normal humanity. Only when you have normal humanity will your performance of your duty and your actions be edifying to people and satisfactory to God. And only when people are approved of by God for their performance of their duty can they be an acceptable created being. So, regarding the performing of your duty, although that which you now expend and bring out in devotion are the various skills and learning and knowledge that you have acquired, it is precisely through the channel of performing your duty that you can understand the truth, and know what it is to perform one’s duty, what it is to come before God, what it is to wholeheartedly expend for God. Through this channel, you will know how to cast off your corrupt disposition, and how to rebel against yourselves, not to be arrogant and self-righteous, and to submit to the truth and God. Only thus can you achieve salvation.

Right now, the most critical part of doing your duty is to learn to submit—to learn to submit to the truth and to the things that come from God. This way, as you follow God you will be able to learn your lessons, and you will gradually be able to enter into the truth reality. Tell Me, can a person do their duty well if they do not have any understanding of what it means to practice the truth, to submit to the truth, or if they do not understand which principles they must uphold in order to do their duty? It would certainly be difficult. You all might also understand that when you do your duty in the house of God, if you do not possess or enter into even a little bit of the truth reality, then it is very difficult for you to do your duty well. It is very difficult to do your duty to an acceptable standard, or to stand firm. Now, have you all experienced how difficult it is to take even a single step forward without the truth? (Yes.) What made you experience this most deeply? (Often being pruned, failing, and stumbling because we did not understand the truth, and relied on a corrupt disposition to do our duties.) How many failures have you all gone through? (A few.) In the course of experiencing the work of God, no matter how many times you have failed, fallen down, been pruned, or revealed, these are not bad things. Regardless of how you have been pruned, or whether it is by leaders, workers, or your brothers or sisters, these are all good things. You must remember this: No matter how much you suffer, you are actually benefiting. Anyone with experience can attest to this. No matter what, being pruned or revealed is always a good thing. It is not a condemnation. It is God’s salvation and the best opportunity for you to get to know yourself. It can bring your life experience a change of gears. Without it, you will possess neither the opportunity, the condition, nor the context to be able to reach an understanding of the truth of your corruption. If you truly understand the truth, and are able to unearth the corrupt things hidden in the depths of your heart, if you can clearly distinguish them, then this is good, this has solved a major problem of life entry, and is of great benefit to changes in disposition. Becoming able to truly know yourself is the best opportunity for you to mend your ways and become a new person; it is the best opportunity for you to obtain new life. Once you truly know yourself, you will be able to see that when the truth becomes one’s life, it is a precious thing indeed, and you will thirst for the truth, practice the truth, and enter into reality. This is such a great thing! If you can grab this opportunity and earnestly reflect upon yourself and gain a genuine knowledge of yourself whenever you fail or fall down, then in the midst of negativity and weakness, you will be able to stand back up. Once you have crossed this threshold, you will then be able to take a big step forward and enter the truth reality.

If you believe in God’s sovereignty, then you have to believe that everyday occurrences, be they good or bad, do not happen at random. It is not that someone is deliberately being hard on you or targeting you; this was all arranged and orchestrated by God. Why does God orchestrate all these things? It is not to expose you for who you are or to reveal and eliminate you; revealing you is not the end goal. The goal is to perfect you and save you. How does God perfect you? And how does He save you? He starts by making you aware of your own corrupt disposition, and by making you know your nature essence, your shortcomings, and what you lack. Only by knowing these things and having a clear understanding of them can you pursue the truth and gradually cast off your corrupt disposition. This is God providing you with an opportunity. This is God’s mercy. You have to know how to seize this opportunity. You should not oppose God, butt heads with God, or misunderstand Him. In particular, when faced with the people, events, and things that God arranges around you, do not constantly feel that things are not as you wish them to be; do not constantly wish to escape them or always complain about and misunderstand God. If you are constantly doing those things, then you are not experiencing God’s work, and that will make it very difficult for you to enter the truth reality. Whatever you encounter that you cannot fully understand, when a difficulty arises, you must learn to submit. You should begin by coming before God and praying more. That way, before you know it, a shift will occur in your internal state, and you will be able to seek the truth to resolve your problem. As such, you will be able to experience God’s work. As this happens, the truth reality will be wrought within you, and this is how you will progress and undergo a transformation of the state of your life. Once you have undergone this change and possess this truth reality, you will also possess stature, and with stature comes life. If someone always lives based on a corrupt satanic disposition, then no matter how much enthusiasm or energy they have, they still cannot be considered to possess stature, or life. God works in every single person, and no matter what His method is, what kind of people, events, and things He makes use of in His service, or what kind of tone His words have, He only has one end goal: saving you. And how does He save you? He changes you. So how could you not suffer a bit? You are going to have to suffer. This suffering can involve many things. First, people must suffer when they accept the judgment and chastisement of God’s words. When God’s words are too severe and explicit and people misinterpret God—and even have notions—that can be painful, too. Sometimes God raises up an environment around people to reveal their corruption, to make them reflect on and know themselves, and they will suffer a little then, too. Sometimes, when they are directly pruned and exposed, people must suffer. It is as if they are undergoing surgery—if there is no suffering, there is no effect. If every time you are pruned, and every time you are revealed by an environment, it arouses your feelings and gives you a boost, then through this process you will enter the truth reality, and will have stature. If, every time you are subjected to being pruned, and to being revealed by an environment, you feel no pain or discomfort whatsoever, and feel nothing at all, and if you do not come before God to seek His intentions, neither praying nor seeking the truth, then you really are so numb! God does not work in you when your spirit feels nothing, when it does not react. He will say, “This person is overly numb, and has been corrupted too deeply. No matter how I discipline him, prune him, or try to keep him in check, I still cannot move his heart or awaken his spirit. This person will be in trouble; he is not easy to save.” If God arranges certain environments, people, events, and things for you, if He prunes you and if you learn lessons from this, if you have learned to come before God, learned to seek the truth, and, unknowingly, are enlightened and illuminated and attain the truth, if you have experienced a change in these environments, reaped rewards, and made progress, if you begin to have a little comprehension of God’s intention and you cease to complain, then all of this will mean that you have stood firm in the midst of the trials of these environments, and have withstood the test. As such, you will have gotten through this ordeal. How will God regard those who withstand the test? God will say that they have a true heart and can endure this kind of suffering, and that, deep down, they love the truth and want to gain the truth. If God has this kind of assessment of you, are you not then someone with stature? Do you not then have life? And how is this life attained? Is it bestowed by God? God supplies you in various ways and uses various people, events, and things to train you. This is as if God is personally giving you food and drink, personally delivering various foodstuffs before you for you to eat your fill and enjoy; only then can you grow and stand strong. This is how you must experience and comprehend these things; this is how to submit to everything that comes from God. This is the sort of mindset and attitude you must possess, and you must learn to seek the truth. You should not be constantly looking for external causes or blaming others for your troubles or finding faults with people; you must have a clear understanding of God’s intentions. From the outside, some people might seem to have opinions about you or prejudices against you, but you should not see things that way. If you see things from this kind of standpoint, the only thing you will do is make excuses, and you will not be able to attain anything. You should see things objectively and accept everything from God. When you view things in this way, it will be easy for you to submit to the work of God, and you will be able to seek the truth, and grasp the intentions of God. Once your viewpoint and state of mind are rectified, you will be able to attain the truth. So, why do you not just do it? Why do you resist? If you stopped resisting, you would gain the truth. If you resist, you will not gain anything, and you will also hurt God’s feelings and disappoint Him. Why will God be disappointed? Because you do not accept the truth, you have no hope of salvation, and God is not able to gain you, so how could He not be disappointed? When you do not accept the truth, this is tantamount to pushing away food that has been personally offered to you by God. You say that you are not hungry and that you do not need it; God tries again and again to encourage you to eat, but you still do not want it. You would rather go hungry. You think that you are satiated, when actually, you have absolutely nothing. People like this are so lacking in reason, and so self-righteous; truly, they don’t know a good thing when they see it, they are the most impoverished and pitiful of people.

To enter into the truth reality, you must first begin by reflecting on every detail of your life, and start learning lessons from the people, events, and things nearby. If you can learn lessons from the way people around you treat you, or from the matters and circumstances that befall you each day, that is, you can seek the truth and learn how to act according to principles, then you will be able to understand the truth, your life will grow, and you will be able to do your duty normally. Some people often argue and try to defend themselves when they are pruned. They always emphasize the cause of the issue and make excuses for their failures, which is very troublesome. They do not have a submissive attitude, or an attitude of seeking the truth. These kinds of people are of a low caliber, and they are also very stubborn. They do not understand other people’s words, the truth is beyond their reach, and their progress is very slow. Why is their progress slow? It is because they do not seek the truth, and whatever mistakes arise, they always look to other people as the reason, completely pushing the responsibility onto others. They live by philosophies for worldly dealings, and as long as they live safe and sound, they are especially pleased with themselves. They do not pursue the truth at all, and they think this is a pretty good way of believing in God. There are even some who think, “There’s always so much talk about pursuing the truth and learning lessons, but are there really that many lessons to learn? Believing in God in this way is such a hassle!” When they see other people seeking the truth and learning lessons when they encounter matters, they say, “How do you all learn lessons from everything? Why aren’t there as many lessons for me to learn? Are you all just that ignorant? Aren’t you just blindly following the regulations?” What do you think of this sentiment? This is the perspective of disbelievers. Can a disbeliever obtain the truth? It is very hard for this kind of person to obtain the truth. There are some people who say, “I supplicate to God over big affairs, but I don’t bother Him with small matters. God is very busy with the everyday administration of the universe and all things, the administration of each person. How tiring! I won’t bother God, I will just resolve this matter myself. So long as God is pleased, that is enough. I don’t want to worry Him.” What do you think of this sentiment? This is also the perspective of disbelievers, the imagination of men. Humans are created beings, even lower than the ants. How can they see the Creator clearly? God has administered the universe and all things for who knows how many billions or tens of billions of years. Has He said He feels tired? Has He said He is too busy? No, He has not. People will never be able to clearly see God’s almightiness and wisdom, and for them to speak from their own notions and imaginations is very ignorant. According to the Creator, every one of God’s chosen people and everything that happens around them is arranged by God’s sovereignty. As a believer in God, you ought to submit to God’s sovereignty and arrangements, seek the truth, and learn lessons in all things. Obtaining the truth is the most crucial thing. If you can show consideration for the intentions of God, then you should rely on Him and strive toward the truth, because that is pleasing to God. When you have obtained the truth and can act according to principles, God will be more gratified, but the more you distance yourself from God, the more sorrowful He will be. What makes God sorrowful? (God has arranged circumstances in order to allow people to experience His words and obtain the truth, but people do not understand the mind of God; they misunderstand Him, and this makes God sorrowful.) Correct. God has paid a painstaking price for each person, and has intentions for each person. He has expectations for them, and has put His hopes on them. His painstaking efforts are freely and willingly given to all people. His provision of life and truth is also given willingly to every person. If people are able to understand the reason God does this, He will feel gratified. Whatever circumstances God arranges for you, if you are able to accept it from God, submit to Him, and seek the truth and learn lessons in the midst of it all, God will not think that the painstaking price was paid in vain. You will not have failed to live up to all the thought and effort God invested, or His expectations for you. In every set of circumstances that befall you, you will be able to learn lessons and reap rewards. In this way, the work God has done in you will achieve the expected effect, and God’s heart will be satisfied. If you are unable to submit to God’s orchestrations and arrangements, if you always resist, reject, and fight against God, do you not think God will be anxious? God’s heart will be worried and anxious, saying, “I arranged so many circumstances for you to learn lessons. How is it that none of it has had an effect on you?” God will be weighed down with sorrow. God is sorrowful because you are numb, ignorant, slow, and obstinate, because you do not understand His intentions, do not accept the truth, cannot see all the things He has been doing to be responsible for your life, do not understand that He is worried and anxious about your life, and because you rebel against and complain about Him. Tell Me, from whom does everything to do with people originate? Who bears the greatest burden for human life? (God.) God alone loves people the most. Do people’s parents and relatives really love them? Is the love that they give true love? Can it save people from the influence of Satan? It cannot. People are numb and dull-witted, unable to see through these things, and always say, “How does God love me? I don’t feel it. Anyway, my mother and father love me the most. They pay for my studies and make me learn technical skills, so that I can make something of myself when I grow up, be successful, become a star, a celebrity. My parents spend so much money to cultivate me and provide me with an education, scrimping and saving on food. How great a love is that! I can’t ever repay them!” Do you think that is love? What are the consequences of your parents making you succeed, become a celebrity in the world, have a good job, and assimilate into the world? They endlessly make you pursue success, bring honor to your family, and assimilate into the evil trends of the world, so that in the end you fall into the vortex of sin, suffer perdition and perish, being devoured by Satan. Is that love? That is not loving you, that is harming you, destroying you. Someday, you will sink so low that you will not be able to repent, so low that you will not be able to extricate yourself, and you will descend into hell. Only then will you realize, “Oh, parental love is love of the flesh, it is of no advantage in believing in God or obtaining the truth—it is not true love!” You may not have realized this yet. Some people say, “However much God loves me, I still cannot feel it. I still feel that my mother loves me the most. She is the closest person in the world to me. There is a song called ‘Mom Is the Best in the World.’ That name matches reality; it is absolutely true!” Someday, when you really have life entry, and when you have obtained the truth, you will say, “My mother is not the one who loves me the most, nor is it my father. God loves me the most. He is my dearest loved one, because He gave me life, and He is always leading me, providing for me, and saving me from the influence of Satan. God alone is the One who can provide life to people, who can lead people, and who has sovereignty over all things.” Only when you understand the truth and have completely obtained the truth will you be able to understand these words deeply.

If you want to obtain the truth, where do you start? Start with the people, events, and things around you, and learn how to learn lessons and seek the truth. It is only by seeking the truth and God’s intentions in the people, events, and things around you that you will be able to obtain the truth. Some people do not pay attention to, or acknowledge, small matters. They always think, “Why do I never face anything big? Why does nothing earthshaking ever happen to me? If some big, earthshaking thing were to happen, then I would be able to learn some great lesson and obtain some great truth. How wonderful that would be!” Is that a realistic way of thinking? These words are too grand. Do you submit to God when small things happen to you? Have you learned your lessons? If a great trial befell you, would you be able to stand firm in your testimony? If the great red dragon caught hold of you, would you be able to bear resounding testimony? Are people who say these words not somewhat arrogant? Will you be able to obtain the truth using this method of pursuit? (No.) If you are not careful while walking, you could trip—yet you think you are ready to fly! You must learn to seek the truth and learn lessons in the small things you encounter. If you cannot learn lessons from the small things, you will not be able to learn them from the big things, either. If you cannot learn your lessons, you will not progress in life. Progress in life is only achieved by learning lessons in everything.

August 5, 2015

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