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(I) Classic Words on God’s Requirements of Man

Classic Words From Almighty God, Christ of the Last Days

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XI Classic Words on God’s Requirements, Exhortations, Warnings, and Consolations

(I) Classic Words on God’s Requirements of Man

1. I have a lot of wishes. I wish you can conduct yourselves in a proper and well-behaved manner, be faithful to fulfill your duty, have truth and humanity, be someone who can give up everything and give up their lives for God, and so forth. All of these hopes stem from your insufficiencies and your corruption and disobedience.

from “Transgressions Will Take Man to Hell” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

2. So what are the standards that God requires for how people conduct themselves? … Have character, have dignity, have a conscience, be rational, have a heart that is obedient to God and loves God—what else? (Revere God.) Yes, what God wants ultimately is that people revere Him; that’s what’s most important.

from “Only With the Truth as Their Life Can People Live a Life of Value” in Records of Christ’s Talks

3. God’s correct requirements of mankind and those who follow Him are as follows. God requires five things of those who follow Him: true belief, loyal following, absolute obedience, true knowledge, and heartfelt reverence.

from “God Himself, the Unique X” in Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

4. A genuine created being must know who the Creator is, what man’s creation is for, how to carry out the responsibilities of a created being, and how to worship the Lord of all creation, must understand, grasp, know, and care for the Creator’s intentions, wishes, and demands, and must act in accordance with the way of the Creator—fear God and shun evil.

from Preface to Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

5. As one of the creatures, man must keep his own position, and behave conscientiously, and dutifully guard that which is entrusted to him by the Creator. And man must not act out of line, or do things beyond his range of ability or do things that are loathsome to God. Man must not try to be great, or exceptional, or above others, nor seek to become God. This is how people should not desire to be. Seeking to become great or exceptional is absurd. Seeking to become God is even more disgraceful; it is disgusting, and despicable. What is commendable, and what the creatures should hold to more than anything else, is to become a true creature; this is the only goal that all people should pursue.

from “God Himself, the Unique I” in Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

6. God’s requirements for the people of the kingdom are as follows:

1. They must accept God’s commissions, which is to say, they must accept all of the words spoken in God’s work of the last days.

2. They must enter into the training of the kingdom.

3. They must pursue having their hearts touched by God. When your heart has completely turned to God, and you have a normal spiritual life, you will live in the realm of freedom, which means you will live under the care and protection of God’s love. Only when you live under the care and protection of God will you belong to God.

4. They must be gained by God.

5. They must become a manifestation of God’s glory on earth.

from “Know the Newest Work of God and Follow the Footsteps of God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

7. The words I speak are truths directed to all mankind, not only for a specific person or type of person. Therefore, focus solely on receiving My words from the standpoint of truth, and retain an attitude of concentration and sincerity. Do not ignore a single word or truth that I speak, and do not regard My words with disdain.

from “Three Admonitions” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

8. I very much hope that all of you can read My words over and over again—thousands of times—and even know them by heart. Only that way can you not fail My expectations of you. However, none of you are living like this now. On the contrary, all of you are immersed in a debauched life of eating and drinking your fill, and none of you use My words to enrich your hearts and souls. This is the reason I have concluded that mankind’s true face is one that will always betray Me and no one can be absolutely faithful to My words.

from “A Very Serious Problem: Betrayal (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

9. You cannot leave God’s words behind or turn a deaf ear to them; you must figure them out carefully, repeat your pray-reading, and grasp the life within the words. Don’t engage in futility by wolfing them down without giving yourself time to digest them. Do you rely on God’s words in everything you do? Don’t talk big like a child and then get all in a muddle whenever anything crops up. You must exercise your spirit every hour of every day, don’t relax even for a moment. You must have a keen spirit. No matter who or what you may encounter, if you come before God you will have a path to follow. You must eat and drink God’s words every day, figure His words out without being negligent, make more effort, get it right down to every detail and equip yourself with the complete truth so as to avoid misunderstanding God’s will.

from Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning

10. At all times, My people must be on guard against the cunning schemes of Satan, protecting the gate of My house for Me, able to support each other and provide to each other, which will stop you falling into Satan’s trap, at which time it will be too late for regrets. Why am I training you with such urgency? Why do I tell you the facts of the spiritual world? Why do I remind and exhort you time and time again? Have you ever given this any thought? Have you ever figured it out? Thus, you not only need to be able to become seasoned based upon the foundation of the past, but, moreover, to expel the impurities within you under the guidance of the words of today, allowing each of My words to take root and blossom within your spirits, and more importantly, to bear more fruit. That’s because what I ask for is not bright, lush flowers, but bounteous fruit—fruit, what’s more, that does not go bad.

from “The Third Utterance” of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

11. At its core, your goal is to let God’s word take effect within you. In other words, it is to have a true understanding of God’s word in your practice of it. Perhaps your ability to receive God’s word is poor, but when you practice the word of God, He can supplement the flaw of your poor ability to receive, so not only must you know many truths, but you must also practice them. This is the greatest focus that cannot be ignored.

from “Practice the Truth Once You Understand It” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

12. In your lives I see much that you do that is irrelevant to truth, therefore I am expressly asking you to become servants of truth and not be enslaved by wickedness and ugliness. Do not tread on the truth and defile any corner of the house of God. This is My admonition to you.

from “Three Admonitions” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

13. God has bestowed His life, and what He is and has on man, so that man is able to live it out, so that man is able to transform what God is and has and the truth He bestows on them into the direction and the path for them to live. That is, man can then rely on this to live, and they can take His word and turn it into their life. … As well as bestowing life on man, the one requirement He has for man is that people take this life of God and turn it into their own life, and live it out. When God sees you living this out, He is satisfied. This is God’s only requirement.

from “Man is the Greatest Beneficiary of God’s Management Plan” in Records of Christ’s Talks

14. Training a group of good soldiers of the kingdom is not the same as training men who can only talk about reality or men who only boast, but it is training men who can live out God’s words at all times, who are unyielding regardless of the setbacks that they face, and who live in accordance with God’s words at all times, and do not go back to the world. This is the reality that God talks about, and this is God’s requirement of men.

from “Only Putting the Truth Into Practice Is Having Reality” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

15. Blessings cannot be received in a day or two; they must be earned through much sacrifice. That is, you must have refined love, great faith, and the many truths that God asks you to attain; in addition, you must be able to set your face toward justice and never be cowed or submit, and you must have a constant and unabating love for God. Resolution is demanded of you, as is change in your life disposition; your corruption must be remedied, and you must accept all the orchestration of God without complaint, and even be obedient until death. This is what you ought to achieve. This is the final aim of God, and the demands God asks of this group of people. As He bestows upon you, so too must He ask of you in return and make of you fitting demands. Therefore, all the work of God is not without reason, and from this can be seen why God time and again does the work of high standards and strict requirements. This is why you ought to be filled with faith in God. In short, all the work of God is done for your sake, so that you will be worthy to receive His inheritance. This is not so much for the sake of God’s own glory but for the sake of your salvation and for perfecting this group of people deeply afflicted in the unclean land. You must understand the will of God.

from “Is the Work of God So Simple as Man Imagines?” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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