Chapter 42

I do not know whether people have noticed that there has been any change in the utterances of today. Some people might have seen a little, but dare not say so with certainty. Perhaps others have not perceived anything. Why has there been such a great change in God’s utterances between the twelfth and the fifteenth day of the month? Have you pondered this? What is your view? Have you grasped anything from all of God’s utterances? What was the main work done between the second of April and the fifteenth of May? Why are people today clueless and as disoriented as if they had been struck over the head with a club? Today, why are there no columns entitled “Scandals of the People of the Kingdom”? On the second and fourth of April, God did not point out man’s state; likewise, in the several days after today He did not point out man’s state—why is this so? There is surely some unsolved puzzle here—why was there a 180-degree turn? Let us first talk a little about why God spoke in this way. Let us look at God’s first words, in which He wasted no time in saying, “As soon as the new work begins.” This sentence gives you the first inkling that God’s work has entered a new beginning, that He has once more begun new work. This shows that chastisement is drawing to a close; it can be said that the climax of chastisement has already been entered, and so you must make the most of your time to properly experience the work of the era of chastisement, so that you will not fall behind and not be forsaken. This is all the work of man, and it requires that man do his utmost to cooperate. When chastisement is entirely sent away, God begins to embark upon the next part of His work, for God says, “… so I have continued to carry out My work among man…. At this moment, My heart is filled with great delight, for I have gained a portion of people, and so My ‘enterprise’ is no longer in recession; it no longer consists of empty words.” In times past, people saw God’s pressing will in His words—there is no falsehood in this—and today God does His work with greater speed. To man, this does not seem to entirely accord with God’s requirements—but to God, His work has already finished. Because people’s thoughts are too convoluted, their view of things is often overly complicated. People are too demanding of people, but God does not make such high demands of man, and because of this, it may be seen how great the discrepancy between God and man is. People’s notions are laid bare in all that God does. It is not that God makes high demands of people and people are incapable of attaining them, but that people make high demands of God and God is unable to achieve them. Because, following treatment, there are after-effects in mankind, who has been corrupted by Satan for several thousand years, people have therefore always made such high demands of God, and are not in the least bit lenient, deeply afraid that God is not pleased. Thus, the fact that people are not up to the task in many things is a way in which they subject themselves to self-chastisement; they bear the consequences of their own actions—this is sheer suffering. Of the hardship endured by people, over 99% is disdained by God. To put it bluntly, no one has truly suffered for God. People all bear the consequences of their own actions—and this step of chastisement, of course, is no exception; it is a bitter cup brewed by man, which he himself lifts to his mouth to drink. Because God has not revealed the real purpose of His chastisement, although there is a portion of people who are cursed, this does not represent chastisement. A portion of people are blessed, but this does not mean that they will be blessed in the future. To man, it seems that God is a God who does not keep His word. Do not worry. These words may be a little excessive, but do not be negative. What I speak does bear some relation to the suffering of man, yet I think you must build a good relationship with God. You should give Him more “gifts”—that will definitely make Him happy. I trust that God loves those who give Him “gifts.” What do you say? Are these words correct?

As of now, how much of your prospects have you put aside? God’s work will soon finish, so you must have put aside more or less all of your prospects, yes? You may as well examine yourselves: You always love to stand up high, exalting yourselves and parading yourselves—what is this? Today, I still do not know what people’s prospects are. If people really live engulfed by the sea of affliction, when they live amid the refinement of hardship or else under the threat of various implements of torture, or when they live at the time of rejection by all people, looking up into the sky and sighing deeply, in their thoughts at such times they may, perhaps, put aside their prospects. This is because people search for an otherworldly utopia amidst hopelessness, and no one in comfortable circumstances has ever abandoned their pursuit of their own beautiful dreams. I don’t know if this statement corresponds with reality, but I would that this were not in people’s hearts. Do you still wish to be raptured while living? Do you still wish to change your form in the flesh? I do not know if you are of the same opinion, but I have always felt that this is unrealistic—such thoughts seem too extravagant. People say things like this: “Put aside your prospects, be more realistic.” You ask that people dispense with thoughts of being blessed—but what about yourself? Do you negate people’s ideas of being blessed while you yourself seek blessings? You do not allow others to receive blessings, all while secretly thinking of them yourself—what does that make you? A fraud! When you act thus, does your conscience not stand accused? In your heart, do you not feel indebted? Are you not a fraudster? You dig out the words in the hearts of others, but say nothing of those in your own—what a worthless piece of trash you are! I wonder what you are thinking in your hearts when you speak—could you not be reproached by the Holy Spirit? Does this not disturb your dignity? You really do not know what is good for you! You have all always been just like Mr. Nanguo—imposters. No wonder God put quotation marks around “offer themselves up” in “people are all willing to ‘offer themselves up.’” God knows man like the back of His hand, and no matter how artful man’s deception—even if he gives nothing away and his face does not redden nor his heart race—God’s eyes are bright, so man has always had trouble escaping God’s gaze. It is as if God has x-ray vision and can see man’s internal organs, as if He can see through people and determine their blood type without a test. Such is God’s wisdom, and it cannot be imitated by man. As God says, “Why have I done so much work, yet there is no proof of it in people? Have I not committed enough effort?” Man’s cooperation with God is too lacking, and it can be said that there is too much that is negative within man, and rarely do people have any positivity. Only occasionally do they have a little positivity, but it is too tainted. This shows just how much of God-loving hearts people possess; it is as if in their hearts there is only one part in a hundred million which is love for God, of which 50% is still tainted. This is why God says He gains no proof in man. It is precisely because of man’s rebelliousness that the tone of God’s utterances is so heartless and unfeeling. Though God does not speak with man of times gone by, people always want to reminisce, in order to show themselves before God, and they always want to talk of times gone by—yet God has never treated man’s yesterday as today; instead, He approaches the people of today in terms of today. This is the attitude of God, and in this, God has said these words clearly, to prevent people saying in the future that God is too unreasonable. For God does not do unconscionable things, but tells people of the true facts, lest people be unable to stand firm—for man, after all, is weak. Having heard these words, how about it: Are you willing to listen and submit, and give no more thought to it?

The above is beside the point; it matters not whether it is talked about or not. I hope you do not take exception, because God comes to do the work of words, and He likes to converse about everything under the sun. But I hope you nonetheless will read them, and that you will not ignore these words. What say you? Would you do that? It was just said that in today’s words God has revealed new information: The method by which God works is about to change. As such, it would be better to focus on this very topical issue. It can be said that all of today’s utterances prophesy future matters; these utterances are how God makes arrangements for the next step of His work. God has almost finished His work in the people of the church, and afterward He shall appear before all people with rage. As God says, “I shall make the people on earth acknowledge My doings, and My deeds shall be proven before the ‘judgment seat,’ so that they may be acknowledged among people across the earth, who all shall yield.” Did you see anything in these words? In this is the summary of the next part of God’s work. First, God shall make all the guard dogs who wield political power sincerely convinced and He shall make them step back from the stage of history of their own accord, never again to fight for status, and never again to engage in schemes and intrigue. This work must be carried out through God, by raising up various disasters on earth. But it is not at all the case that God will appear. At this time, the nation of the great red dragon shall still be a land of filth, and therefore God will not appear, but will merely emerge through chastisement. Such is the righteous disposition of God, from which none can escape. During this time, all who inhabit the nation of the great red dragon will suffer calamity, which naturally also includes the kingdom on earth (the church). This is the very time when the facts come forth, and so it is experienced by all people, and none can escape. This has been predestined by God. It is precisely because of this step of work that God says, “Now is the time to carry out grand plans.” Because, in the future, there will be no church on earth, and due to the advent of catastrophe, people will only be capable of thinking about what is in front of them, and will neglect everything else, and it will be difficult for them to enjoy God amidst catastrophe. Thus, people are asked to love God with all their heart during this wonderful time, so that they do not miss the chance. When this fact passes, God will have utterly defeated the great red dragon, and thus the work of testimony of the people of God will have come to an end; afterward, God will commence the next step of work, laying waste to the country of the great red dragon, and ultimately nailing people throughout the universe upside down on the cross, after which He shall annihilate all mankind—these are the future steps of God’s work. Thus, you should seek to do your best to love God in this peaceful environment. In the future you will have no more opportunities to love God, for people only have the opportunity to love God in the flesh; when they live in another world, no one will talk of loving God. Is this not the responsibility of a created being? And so how should you love God during the days of your lives? Have you ever thought of this? Are you waiting until after you die to love God? Is this not empty talk? Today, why do you not pursue loving God? Can loving God while remaining busy be true love for God? The reason why it is said that this step of God’s work shall soon come to an end is because God already has testimony before Satan. Thus, there is no need for man to do anything; man is merely asked to pursue loving God in the years he is alive—this is the key. Because God’s requirements are not high, and, furthermore, because there is a burning anxiety in His heart, He has revealed a summary of the next step of work before this step of work has finished, which clearly shows how much time there is; if God were not anxious in His heart, would He speak these words so early? It is because time is short that God works in this way. It is hoped that you can love God with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your strength, just as you cherish your own life. Is this not a life of the utmost meaning? Where else could you find the meaning of life? Are you not being so blind? Are you willing to love God? Is God worthy of man’s love? Are people worthy of man’s adoration? So, what should you do? Love God boldly, without reservations, and see what God will do to you. See if He will slay you. In sum, the task of loving God is more important than copying and writing things down for God. You should give first place to what is most important, so that your life may have more value and be full of happiness, and then you should wait for God’s “sentence” for you. I wonder if your plan will include loving God. I wish for everyone’s plans to become that which is completed by God, and that they all become reality.

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