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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 19

It seems that in people’s imagination, God is very lofty and unfathomable. It’s as though God does not reside among men, as though He looks down on people because He is so lofty. God, however, smashes men’s notions and eliminates them all, burying all their notions within “tombs” where they turn to ashes. God’s attitude toward men’s notions is similar to His attitude toward the dead, defining them at will. It is as though there are no responses from notions. So from the creation of the world to now, God has been doing this work and never stopped. Because of the flesh, men are corrupted by Satan, and because of Satan’s actions on earth, men form all manner of notions through the course of their experiences. This is called “natural formation.” This stage of work is the last part of God’s work on earth, so the method of God’s work has reached its peak, and He is intensifying His training of men so that they can be made complete in His final work, and God’s will will finally be satisfied. Before, there was only the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit among men, but no words spoken by God Himself. When God spoke with His own voice, everybody was startled, and today His words are even more puzzling. The meaning of His words is even harder to figure out, and men seem to be in a state of bedazzlement, because fifty percent of His words come between quotation marks. “When I speak, man listens to My voice in rapt attention; but when I stop speaking, he starts again on his own ‘enterprise.’” There is a word in that passage in quotes. The funnier God’s words are, the more they can draw people in to read them. One aspect is that people are able to accept being dealt with when they are relaxed. The primary aspect is to prevent more people from being discouraged or disappointed because they don’t understand God’s words. This is a tactic in God’s war with Satan. Only in this way will people be interested in God’s words and still pay attention to them even when they are bewildered. But there is also great charm in all the words not surrounded by quotes, and so they are more noticeable and make people love God’s words even more, allowing them to feel the sweetness of His words in their own hearts. As God’s words come in a great variety of forms and are rich and diverse, and because there are no repetitions of nouns among the many words of God, in their third sense, people all believe God is always new and never old. For example: “I do not ask man to be a mere ‘consumer,’ but ask him to be a ‘producer’ capable of inflicting defeat on Satan.” The words “consumer” and “producer” in that sentence have similar meanings to some words spoken in times previous, but God is not rigid. Rather, He makes man aware of His freshness, and thus treasure God’s love. The humor in God’s speech contains His judgment and His demands of man. As God’s words all have objectives, all have meanings, His humor is not simply meant to lighten the atmosphere or to make men roar with laughter, or to simply relax their muscles. Rather, God’s humor is intended to free man from five thousand years of bondage and to never be bound again, so that they are better able to accept God’s words. God’s method is “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”; He does not force bitter medicine down men’s throats. There is bitterness within the sweet, and also sweetness within the bitter.

“When a faint glimmer of light begins to show in the East, all the people within the universe on that account turn their attention for the nonce toward the light in the East. No longer steeped in slumber, mankind goes to observe the source of the eastern light, but due to the limits of human power, no one is able to see the place whence the light originates.” This is what’s happening everywhere in the universe, not merely among the sons and the people of God. The religious circles and the unbelievers all experience this reaction. At the moment when God’s light shines out, everybody’s hearts change gradually, and they begin to unwittingly discover that living is meaningless, that human life is without value. Men do not pursue a future, think for tomorrow, or worry about tomorrow, but rather hold onto the idea that they should eat and drink more while they’re still “young,” that it will all have been worth it once the last day comes. Man has no desire to put the world in order. The vigor of mankind’s love for the world was all stolen by the “devil,” but nobody knows what the root is, and all they can do is run back and forth informing one another, because God’s day has not yet come. One day, everyone will see the answers to all the unfathomable mysteries. This is the true meaning of God’s words that “man will rouse from sleep and dream, and only then will he realize that My day is slowly coming into the world.” When that time comes, all the people belonging to God will be like green leaves “waiting to consecrate their individual portion to Me at the time when I am on the earth.” So many among God’s people in China still relapse after God utters His voice, and so God says, “but, powerless to alter the accomplished fact, they can only wait for Me to pronounce sentence.” There will still be some among them to be eliminated—not all will remain unchanged. Rather, people can only be up to standards after undergoing testing, and will thus be issued “quality certificates”; otherwise they will become refuse on the scrap heap. God constantly points out the true state of man, so man increasingly feels the mysteriousness of God. “If He were not God, how would He be able to know our true state so well?” But because of men’s weakness, “In men’s hearts, I am neither high up, nor low down. As far as men are concerned, it is a matter of indifference whether I exist or not.” Is this not precisely the state of all people that best fits with reality? As far as men are concerned, God exists when they seek Him and does not exist when they do not seek Him. In other words, God exists in men’s hearts immediately when they need His help, but when they no longer need Him, He no longer exists. This is what is within men’s hearts. In reality, everybody on earth thinks this way, including all atheists, whose impression of God is also murky and abstract.

“Therefore, the mountains become boundaries between nations upon the land, the waters become barriers to keep people apart between the lands, and the air becomes that which flows from man to man in the space on earth.” This was the work that God did while creating the world. Mentioning this here is perplexing for people: Could it be that God wants to create another world? It is fair to say this: Every time God speaks, His words contain creation, management, and the destruction of the world; it’s just that sometimes it’s clear, and sometimes it’s ambiguous. All of God’s management is embodied in His words; the only problem is that men cannot distinguish them. God’s blessing to men makes their faith grow a hundredfold. From the outside, it seems as though God is making a promise to men, but in essence it is a yardstick for God’s demands of the people of His kingdom. He will keep those who comply, and those who do not comply will be swallowed up in the calamity that is cast down from heaven. “The thunder, rolling across the skies, strikes man down; the high mountains, as they topple, bury him; the wild beasts in their hunger raven him up; and the oceans, surging, close over his head. As humanity engages in fratricidal conflict, all men will seek their own destruction in the calamities arising from humanity’s midst.” This is the “special treatment” that will be meted out to those who do not meet standards, who will not be saved into the kingdom of God afterward. The more God says things like, “You will surely, under the guidance of My light, break through the stranglehold of the forces of darkness. You will surely not, in the midst of darkness, lose the light guiding you,” the more men become aware of their own respectability, and so they have more faith to seek new life. God provides to men as they ask of Him. Once God exposes them to a certain extent, He changes His manner of speech, and uses a tone of blessing to get the best results. Making demands of man this way yields more practical results. Because men are all willing to talk business with their counterparts—they are all experts in business—this is exactly what God is honing in on in saying this. So what is “Sinim”? God’s meaning here is not the kingdom on earth which is corrupted by Satan, but rather is an assembly of all the angels who came from God. The words “resolute and unwavering” imply that the angels will break through all of Satan’s forces and so Sinim will be established in the entire universe. So the real meaning of Sinim is an assembly of all the angels on earth; here it refers to those on earth. So the kingdom that exists later on earth will be called “Sinim,” and not the “kingdom.” There is no real meaning to the “kingdom” on earth, and it is in substance Sinim. So only upon linking it to the meaning of Sinim can one know the true meaning of the words “you will surely radiate My glory throughout the entire universe.” This demonstrates the grading of all people on earth in the future. The people of Sinim will all be kings governing all peoples on earth after they have suffered chastisement. Everything on earth will operate normally because of the management of the people of Sinim. This is nothing more than a rough sketch of the situation. All men will remain within the kingdom of God, meaning that they will be left within Sinim. Men on earth will be able to communicate with the angels. So, heaven and earth will be connected, or in other words, all men on earth will submit to and love God as the angels in heaven do. At that time, God will appear openly to all people on earth and allow them to see His true face with their naked eyes, and He will appear to men at any time.

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