17 God Is Upon the Throne


Almighty God has become flesh and utters His words; He appears to work,

carrying out judgment of the last days and bringing the Age of Kingdom.

God’s chosen people are raised up before God and we prostrate in worship to God.

Almighty God is upon the glorious throne—how glorious and beautiful!

God’s utterances bestow the water of life upon us.

Eating and drinking God’s words, we are face-to-face with Him and at last we attend the feast.

God sets us apart from the corrupted world and sanctifies us.

We rid ourselves of worldly entanglements and enter the training of the kingdom.


Judgment has begun in God’s house, revealing God’s holiness and righteousness.

The judgment and chastisement of His words turn us into new people.

O Almighty God! You personally work to save us,

so we can have a change in our disposition, become new people and serve God before His throne.

God is wise and almighty in His work, He uses the great red dragon to render service.

In adversity, God leads us to stand firm in our witness and be victorious over Satan.

God’s words show His almightiness, and they conquer and make a group of overcomers.

God has utterly defeated Satan and has gained all glory.

The Almighty, the One who is and who was, has ruled as King on earth.

God’s words are the true light, illuminating the dark world.

All nations and all peoples come to the light and surrender before God.

God is upon the glorious throne, enjoying His rest.

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