22 How Great It Is That Almighty God Has Come!


What amazing luck to have encountered God incarnate! Christ of the last days appears and works!

He expresses the truth and brings judgment. He personally works to save man.

He has joy and sorrow, He is so normal. He speaks and laughs, He is so practical.

The significance of the incarnation is so profound, it allows us to see the practical God.

We feel truly honored to see Almighty God, praising Him leaves the spirit light and free.

Our hearts find enjoyment through worshiping Almighty God. Knowing Him, our lives are not in vain.


In the last days God has appeared in the flesh, personally perfecting those who love Him.

He speaks words to shepherd His people, bestowing truth and life on them.

The exposure and exhortation of His words are to purify and save man.

We experience God’s judgment and chastisement and see His holiness and righteousness.

He suffers for man and understands human weakness. His words provide for man and bring man to enlightenment.

He gives man faith and brings them light. He makes up what man lacks, and leads the way step by step.


God experiences man’s suffering, and stands by them in their chastisement.

He thinks of man’s life all the time. Only God loves mankind the most.

He silently endures the pain of rejection, and accompanies man through tribulation.

He overcomes all obstacles to lead the way forward, the image of Almighty God inspires me.

From ancient times it has been rare to see the practical God. We should cherish the good time we have together with God.

Now is our chance to know God’s loveliness. May we all come to know Almighty God.

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