28 We Gather in Joy to Praise God


We gather in joy to praise God and we are so happy.

We praise God for becoming flesh and beginning a new era.

God Himself works and speaks among man,

judging our unrighteousness and exposing our corruption.

We follow God’s footsteps and join the feast of the kingdom of heaven.

Face-to-face, we witness the appearance of God.

God’s disposition is merciful, and it is righteous and majestic.

Praise and be joyous! God has returned victorious!


We eat and drink God’s words, pray to God, and have strength within.

By understanding the truth, we gain brightness and a path.

Practicing the truth and satisfying God puts us at ease.

We are blessed when we bear witness to God and praise Him.

We undergo God’s judgment and our corruption is being cleansed.

God’s righteous disposition is so lovable.

We have tasted God’s true love and gain His great salvation.

Praise and be joyous! God has returned victorious!


God has defeated Satan and has made a group of overcomers.

The great red dragon has been fully shamed and defeated.

God’s actions have been fully revealed to mankind.

We see that God is so wise and almighty.

The grace of God’s salvation is vast.

Totally convinced, we bow down in worship.

Thanks to God’s judgment and purification for our salvation.

Praise and be joyous! God has returned victorious!

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