29 Christ’s Kingdom Has Been Realized


Christ of the last days utters His words and reveals the mysteries of the heavenly kingdom.

We hear God’s voice and are raised up before His throne.

We enjoy being watered and nurtured by God’s words, we attend Christ’s wedding feast.

Every one of God’s people beams with joy.

Here there is abundant manna, here there is the wellspring of living water.

Watered by God’s words of life, we can never enjoy enough of them.

God’s appearance and work have fulfilled mankind’s dream of two thousand years.

The kingdom of Christ is realized on earth, which is truly unparalleled joy.


Almighty God expresses the truth and leads us into the Age of Kingdom.

The Church of Almighty God is the kingdom of Christ; God reigns as King on earth.

Those who love the truth all hear God’s voice and see His face.

Every one of God’s people is jubilant.

God predestined that the saints of all the ages would return to life in the last days and stand firm.

Being born in the last days and meeting God is the greatest blessing.

Enjoying the life of the heavenly kingdom, all God’s people praise and sing.

The kingdom of Christ, God’s tabernacle, is on earth; His promises are fulfilled.


God’s words are the true light, all the forces of darkness are dispelled.

God judges all mankind with His words, all nations and all peoples are subject unto Him.

God’s people are cleansed, we joyfully gather together and extol God’s holy name.

All the universe rejoices.

God’s people cast off Satan’s influence, and live before God.

Being together with God makes us happy and joyful.

The great disasters destroy the kingdom of Satan, the righteous kingdom manifests on earth.

Praise Almighty God who has gained His kingdom and come upon the earth, God’s will is carried out.

Praise God’s kingdom that has been realized on earth.

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