30 Thanks and Praise to Almighty God


We hear God’s voice and are brought before His throne.

We eat, drink and enjoy God’s words and we understand the truth in them.

We cast off the bonds of religious ritual, no longer to be restrained by regulations.

Living in God’s words, our hearts are released and we are incomparably happy.

Thanks and praise to Almighty God, who expresses the truth and saves mankind.

God’s judgment and chastisement have cleansed me; I have seen His loveliness.

Thanks and praise to Almighty God, who expresses the truth and judges mankind.

We are able to be face-to-face with God, having the good fortune to see God’s glorious countenance.


We closely follow God’s footsteps, and we accept the actual training of the kingdom.

God’s words of judgment are like a sharp double-edged sword, and they expose our thoughts and ideas.

Arrogance, conceit, selfishness and deceitfulness, falsity and deception are all revealed.

Only then do I see the truth of my own corruption. With no place to hide, I fall before God.

I give thanks for God’s salvation and offer praise for His righteous disposition.

I wish to rebel against the flesh and practice the truth, to be a new person and comfort God’s heart.

Thanks and praise to Almighty God. God’s judgment is so righteous.

My corrupt disposition is purified; I am most blessed.

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