43 Praise God’s Return to Zion


Almighty God is so glorious! He became flesh and has appeared in the East.

He expresses the truth and judges mankind, and He brings the way of eternal life.

God’s word bursts forth like lightning, flashing into the West.into the West.

In darkness, people see hope, for the Son of man has come upon the earth.


Almighty God is so glorious! He brims with righteousness, majesty and judgment.

God’s word possesses authority and power, it purifies and saves His people.

God defeats Satan with His word and has made a group of people into overcomers.

We kneel to worship God and praise God’s return to Zion.praise God’s return to Zion.


Almighty God is so glorious! His word reigns upon the earth.

The great disasters destroy evil mankind and God’s word accomplishes all.

Almighty God has gained His kingdom and has come upon the earth and His great work is finished completely.

All the world rejoices, all peoples praise Him; voices lifted in praise resound throughout the universe.

Praise God for having gained all glory, voices are forever lifted in praise!

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