45 In the Church We Come Together

Chorus: Loving each other, becoming one family. Ah … Ah …


In the church we come together;

people who love God gather together.

Fellowshipping God’s words brightens our hearts;

our hearts are filled with happiness and sweetness.

You share your experiences, and I know myself.

We learn from each other’s strengths to make up for our own flaws, and live within God’s love.

How joyful it is to do our duties in harmony!

Brothers and sisters love each other, becoming one family.


Chorus: Hearts connected, intimately close. Ah … Ah …

In the church we come together;

from all directions, we come as one.

After undergoing corruption and receiving God’s salvation,

we have the same pursuit and resolution.

We support each other when we’re negative and weak;

we open up purely and fellowship about our experiences and knowledge.

Now following God, we embark on the bright path of our lives.

The future is bright, filled with vitality and light.


Chorus: Striving forward, working together. Ah … Ah …

In the church we come together,

but soon we must part.

Bearing God’s commission, carrying His intentions,

we spread the gospel of the kingdom in all directions.

When together, we are filled with laughter and joy;

when we part, we have thousands of words, encouraging each other.

God’s love motivates us to be loyal to the end.

For the realization of the kingdom, we strive.

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