52 God Is Among Us


We have come from across the world and meet in God’s house.

We have accepted the shepherding and watering of God’s word and attended the Lamb’s wedding feast.

Christ of the last days leads us in the battle against Satan.

The road is rocky and hard; we go through persecution and tribulation.

With God’s words to guide us, with His love by our side,

we break through the oppression of the dark forces, and fight onward.

Seeing God’s almightiness and wisdom, our faith is bolstered.

Bearing testimony to God and seeing God smile gladden our hearts.


To pursue the truth, and be cleansed and made perfect by God,

together we accept the judgment, trials, and refinements of God’s words.

When we’re weak, we hold each other up and spur each other on.

We share the joy and sweetness of reading God’s words.

We need no other words;

tolerance and understanding bind our hearts.

God’s word melds our hearts together,

and His love fastens us to one another.


With God beside us, life in the kingdom is an incomparable joy.

To repay God’s love, we are willing to take up the heavy burden.

For God’s words to spread to the ends of the earth and throughout the universe,

we brothers and sisters give our all to follow His will.

Working hand in hand, we pray for each other and urge each other on.

God’s words lead us to run toward a beautiful tomorrow.

We will seek to love God and follow His will, forever and always.

We will keep God’s exhortations in mind and bear witness to Him, being loyal to the very end.

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