81 Oh, God! I Cannot Be Without You


I hear God’s voice, and return before Him;

His words conquer my heart.

It’s His sincere love and His words of life

that draw my heart to closely follow Him,

tightly grip onto my heart,

and make me love Him from hereafter.

I am always longing for God in my heart.

I am always longing for God in my heart.


I enjoy God’s words, I see that God is the truth.

His beautiful countenance inspires love.

His words judge and expose man; His kind words tug at man’s heart.

Being pruned and enlightened

is of benefit to my life,

and allows me to taste God’s love.

God’s love possesses my heart.

I cannot be without Him.


God’s disposition is righteous, holy, and so lovely.

His wisdom and wondrousness are captivating.

Though I am tried today, and pain refines my heart,

God’s words are always with me.

Though I suffer, it cleanses me of my corruption,

and I feel even more God’s kindness and loveliness.

I wish only to love Him with all my heart,

and put myself at the mercy of His orchestrations, with no complaints.


God’s love for mankind is so true, so real.

I wish to wholeheartedly satisfy Him.

Though the trials and refinement are many, I have the guidance of God’s words.

Even greater tribulations do not scare me,

and I have full faith in God.

So long as I can love and testify to Him,

I will bear all hardships, no matter how many.

My love for God shall never change.

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