87 God’s Love Is Among Men


Two thousand years ago, in glory You departed from Judea.

Now in the last days, humble and hidden, You have come to China.

You appear and work, and express the truth, judging and purifying mankind.

Your words show Your almightiness; they have conquered and perfected a group of people.

You have paid every price and have given everything for mankind’s salvation.


You, who are supreme and honorable, humble Yourself and appear as a man to do Your work.

The arrogant and conceited are conquered and submit before You.

The judgment and chastisement of Your words reveal Your righteousness and holiness.

Through great refinement, mankind, who is deeply corrupted, is purified.

Your chastisement and judgment are Your love and blessings for man.


In having become flesh to work, You endure enormous humiliation.

You suffer man’s condemnation and slander, and have been rejected by this age.

Through long years of hardship, You have persisted in saving mankind.

You speak and work through Your blood, sweat, and tears, waiting for man’s turnaround.

Your righteousness and faithfulness have conquered the hearts of millions.


We are filled with admiration when we see Your humility and hiddenness.

We are filled with fear and submission when we see Your righteousness and holiness.

Human language is so deficient that we don’t know how to bear witness to You.

Gratitude and love are embedded into the depths of our hearts.

We will fulfill our duties loyally, and offer up our meager contributions.

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