124 God Blesses Those Who Love Him


Those who love God submit to Him, they live before Him every day.

Gaining the guidance of God’s words, there is ease, peace, enjoyment.

Those who love God have honest hearts; once they understand the truth, they practice it.

They’re truly considerate of God’s intentions and fulfill their duty to satisfy Him.

God blesses those who love Him, His judgment and chastisement are always with them.

Seeking the truth and gaining illumination, a corrupt disposition is cleansed.

Those who love God are principled, they lean on the truth in their views and actions.

There are no rules or shackles; they understand the truth and have been freed.


Those who love God fear Him, in all things they accept His scrutiny.

They coordinate harmoniously and serve God, they live out reality and have testimony.

Those who love God are loyal to Him; undergoing trials their faith is b.

They let go of their future and fate, wholeheartedly loving Almighty God.

Those who love God are truly happy, through judgment they gain salvation.

They gain God’s words as their life, they live in the light of His countenance.

Those who love God worship Him, they praise God’s righteousness and holiness.

Those who love God possess the truth, they will always bear witness to and glorify God.

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