130 O God, How Shall I Repay You


Humble, hidden in the flesh, You’ve endured much humiliation and rejection without complaint.

Your words judge and purify man, shepherding, watering, and leading.

O God! God! God!

Every word You speak is to save man, Your salvation unforgettable.


When I was self-important and arrogant, Your stern words exposed my corruption.

Only then did I know and hate myself, knowing how to conduct myself.

O God! God! God!

Your judgment is Your true love for me, this my heart has felt.


When I was negative because of my transgressions, You guided patiently, comforting and encouraging me,

bearing with my weakness, giving me the chance to repent.

O God! God! God!

Your love is sincere and pure, only You are most lovable.


When I was hunted and suffering, You led and protected me, standing by me each step of the way.

You endured my misunderstandings and complaints, and enlightened me to understand Your will.

O God! God! God!

That I could escape Satan’s influence, is because of Your great salvation.


When I was desperate under torture, You were with me, boosting my faith and strength.

You led me to see through Satan’s schemes and stand firm in the testimony of life.

O God! God! God!

It was Your wondrous deed that I was reborn out of despair.


Countless words of Yours are engraved in my mind. Your love makes my heart follow You.

Whether through judgment or refinement, it’s all to let man receive salvation.

O God! God! God!

It is You who purify and save me, my heart will forever love You, Almighty God.

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