262 Honest People Live in the Light


To pursue the truth, we must be honest people,

dare to lay ourselves bare and dissect our corruption.

No matter what others think of us, we must have a heart that lives before God.

We seek the truth in all things, and feel glad and at ease in understanding the truth.

Those that love the truth and have pure hearts receive God’s blessings,

but those that always disguise themselves only harm themselves.

You ask me why I choose to live as an honest person.

Honest people attain God’s joy,

and can be saved and live in the light.


To fulfill our duty well, we must be honest people,

be considerate of God’s heart in all things, and act with principle.

We must practice the truth that we understand, not become negative or back down,

do our duty with diligence and conscientiousness and never be perfunctory toward God.

We must pursue the truth and do honest work to put God at ease,

and take God’s commission as our priority.

God has given us so many truths,

so how could we disappoint His heart?

To be honest people, we must repay God’s love.


To truly love God, we must be honest people,

not ask anything of Him, and repay His love.

We must submit to God’s arrangements absolutely, regardless of whether we attain blessings or meet with misfortune.

If we accept the truth and submit to God, we will be able to bear testimony for Him.

By undergoing judgment, we are purified and our disposition has transformed,

and we are able to seek to love God and not live for ourselves.

When we understand the truth, we are able to submit to God.

Honest people can truly expend themselves for God,

fulfill their duties well and receive God’s approval.

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