263 Give Your Heart’s Love to God


When I heard that God would soon return to Zion,

tears that I couldn’t help but shed blurred my vision.

I don’t know when I’ll see Him again.

When I think back on the past, I feel very indebted to God.

God showed me grace by giving me the chance to do my duty,

yet I didn’t know to cherish it, and I was perfunctory toward Him.

And when I was pruned, I tried to justify myself.

I revealed corrupt dispositions, which God loathed.

His exposure and judgment laid bare my nature.

I always followed my own will in my duty; I was truly arrogant.

I lacked fear, I was arbitrary and reckless.

Though it impacted the church’s work, I thought I was doing fine.

Being chastened and disciplined awakened my heart.

Reflecting on myself, I saw that I utterly lacked the truth reality.

I felt remorse for my lack of humanity.

I truly lacked conscience and didn’t deserve to be called human.


The judgment of God’s words enabled me to understand the truth.

Without God’s discipline, I would have been unsalvageable.

The judgment of God’s words cleansed my corruption.

I thank God that I now live out a bit of human likeness.

I have gained so much from following God and doing my duty.

Every time I think of this, I feel even more that God is so kind and lovely.

God’s words encouraged me many times when I was negative;

God protected and watched over me through many dangers and temptations.

It’s only proper that I repay God after enjoying so much of His love.

I coveted the flesh and did not perform my duty well.

It’s truly shameful, I am unworthy of God’s love.

I resolve to pursue the truth to satisfy God’s heart.

I loathe to part with God now that He’s returning to Zion.

I really want to make up for my debt to God as soon as I can,

perform my duty well, repay God’s love,

and comfort God by showing Him that I have changed.

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