265 Now That We Have You, Almighty God


Almighty God, now that we have You, our sorrow has turned to joy.

Every day we eat, drink, and enjoy Your words, and You are with us always.

Your living water of life nourishes us to understand the truth.

Our dispositional changes and wisdom all depend on You.


As long as I have Almighty God, I am content.

I will forsake the pleasures of family, worldly fame and fortune.

I will make God’s words my life and live out their reality.

I will overcome adversity, persecution, and suffering so that I may be gained by God.


We do our duty well and practice the truth, living in God’s words.

We have been given the truth, the way, and the life.

We just need to cast off all our entanglements

for Almighty God to always smile upon us.


Brothers, we must do our duty well,

eat, drink, and enjoy God’s words, and we’re together in God’s kingdom.

Sisters, let us offer up our true hearts,

and be considerate of God’s intentions with one heart and mind in His house.

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