268 Let’s Dance the New Dance


Twisting and turning brings me to life, singing relieves my heart.

Once we understand the truth, our hearts brighten. Let’s dance the new dance.

Brothers and sisters, let’s dance! The freedom of our spirits brings such joy!

Just praise God, pure and simple; His smiling face will greet us.


When a new song is sung, my heart rejoices, and I dance to the rhythm.

God’s love is nestled in my heart, the dances in my heart fly out.

We sing that God has defeated Satan and saved us, this group of people.

The whole world is shouting for joy, songs of praise soaring skyward.


We sing aloud songs of praise, praising Almighty God for gaining glory.

That my heart can love God makes me so happy, the enjoyment in my heart so sweet.

Oh Almighty God, You are so lovely; I cannot say enough about Your grace.

With praise I express my heart; a life of praise is wonderful.


The ocean waves leap up, one wave higher than the other.

A life of praise is a must, the more praise the more faith.

All those who love God, come and praise; Almighty God deserves glory.

The hearts of God’s people are racing; come and praise God with all your heart!


Brothers and sisters, shout for joy together—exalt, praise, and testify to God,

so that God’s intentions may be satisfied, God’s intentions may be satisfied.

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