270 God’s Chosen People Praise Him and Sing to Him


Almighty God has appeared in the East, expressing the truth to save mankind.

He has brought the way of eternal life to man; all peoples and nations extol Him and sing to Him.

We’ve heard God’s voice and were fortunate to return before His throne.

We eat and drink His words, understand the truth, and enjoy His love.

Even in our dreams we didn’t expect we’d have the luck to see the true God’s face.

We obtain His shepherding and watering; this really is God’s grace.


Almighty God’s words show His almightiness, they’ve conquered and gained our hearts.

We have been cleansed by accepting God’s judgment, we bow down to God and worship Him.

We praise You, Almighty God, You’ve made a group of overcomers.

You’ve fully beaten the great red dragon; Almighty God has gained glory.

God’s chosen people dance and sing new songs, praising Almighty God’s return to Zion.

He reigns over all nations with kingly power, and enjoys forever familial bliss.

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