306 Praise God With an Undivided Heart


If you want to sing, then sing; if you want to dance, then get up and dance.

Eat and drink God’s words and pray to God; confide in God and the Holy Spirit will illuminate you.

Think of God, pray-read, share, and fellowship; contemplate silently, ponder, and commune with God.

There are so many ways to praise God; sincerely praising Him will bring you joy.

Don’t follow regulations or feel constrained; as long as our hearts are liberated, that’s enough.

Praising God will bring us joy each time. We follow the guidance and illumination of God’s words.


Come alive, brothers and sisters; opening up in a pure way will set your spirits free.

Don’t worry about your pride or vanity; practice according to the requirements of God’s word.

We are all God’s chosen people; we all have a responsibility to offer up our share.

Don’t fear that your fellowship is superficial; if it’s real knowledge, that’s enough.

You come to the gathering and offer up your share; I come to the gathering and offer up mine.

When we open up our inner hearts and fellowship God’s words, we can obtain the work of the Holy Spirit.


If you want to find joy in gatherings, then eat, drink, and seek in God’s words.

When we understand the truth, we have a path of practice, and will be freed and liberated.

We get results every time we eat and drink His words, we gain something from every gathering.

We must work together in harmony, using our undivided hearts to praise God.

God’s words are so precious. Brothers and sisters, we must open up our hearts.

The more we fellowship God’s words, the more liberated we become; this pleases God and makes us feel proud.


We’ve followed God’s work until now, and experienced many bumps and difficulties.

We know it wasn’t easy to make it till today. God’s words have always been with us and guiding us.

We’ve experienced oppression, tribulations, sneering, slander, the persecution and false charges of the great red dragon,

and the joys and sorrows of life, but our hearts have not faltered.

The painstaking efforts that God has exerted upon us are incalculable.

We show our loyalty to testify for God; this is even more so truly praising God.

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