Only by Practicing the Truth Can One Cast Off the Shackles of a Corrupt Disposition

What is life entry? It is when, after understanding the truth, people come to know God, to submit to Him, to reflect on and know their corrupt dispositions, and to cast them off, and are thus able to put the truth into practice. When one is able to put the truth into practice and truly submit to God, they have entered into the truth reality. Those who can put the truth into practice are those who have life entry. As soon as the truth becomes someone’s life, they will no longer be constrained by any person, event, or thing—they will be able to truly submit to God, and truly love God, and truly worship God. That is what it means to possess the truth reality and true testimony; that is the ultimate result of life entry. If a person believes in God for many years, but still lives by a satanic disposition, acting according to their own wishes, without praying or seeking the truth, believing for years without changing even a little, and is hardly any different from an unbeliever, then a person like that has no life entry, they have not obtained the truth, and they have not gained the life. If you have not obtained the truth, then you are living under Satan’s power. You could not submit to God, love God, practice the truth, or be strong, even if you wished to. If you cannot be strong, what kind of state will you be trapped in? Will you not always be trapped in a state of negativity? You will always be swayed about by your environment, fearing that you will be cast out, fearing God’s displeasure, fearing this and that, passively and reluctantly doing a bit of your duty, and preparing a few good deeds. Basically, you will be pulled, led, and driven along, and the part of you that is active and proactive will be very small, so the results that you get in doing your duty will be unsatisfactory. Such people are never able to give their hearts to God, and so they are constrained and bound by many people, events, and things, and they are always trapped in a negative state. Because of this, they live very tiring lives. They are in great pain, and they cannot find freedom and release. After a while, their own willpower can no longer sustain them, and they live every day within a satanic disposition, just like the unbelievers. Can this kind of belief in God enable a person to achieve salvation? Some people say: “I am enthusiastic, I am willing to do things for God. I am young, I have energy and resolve, and I do not fear difficulties.” Is all of that of any use? It is not. Your energy is useless, no matter how much of it you have. How long can the little vigor that a person has sustain them? They will still frequently fail and stumble, and they will be paralyzed when they fall into negativity. It is no good believing in God if you do not understand the truth, or if you do not have true faith. If you only have enthusiasm or energy, it will be of no use. Those things are not the life, they are only a person’s momentary enthusiasm and interest. People have corrupt dispositions. Whether they are male or female, old or young, they all have brief bursts of energy, passing enthusiasm, passing impulses; they all have times when they get fired up, when they are excitable, but that is courage born of hot-headedness, and it does not last. People’s theories, ideals, and dreams will collapse in the blink of an eye, and without the truth, people cannot stand firm. Can a person who lives by hot-headedness do their duty well? Can they satisfy God? (No, they cannot.) So, people must have life entry, they must enter into the truth reality. There are those who say: “Why is entering into the truth reality so strenuous? Why am I bound by so many entanglements? What should I do?” Can people rely on themselves to resolve this problem? There are some who say: “I have the willpower and the resolve. I am not afraid of difficulties. My mind is made up. I will surmount every obstacle, I will embrace these challenges. I am not afraid of anything. No matter how hard it gets, I will persist to the end!” Is this useful? It can actually sustain them for a bit, but their practical difficulties will still remain, and a corrupt disposition will still have put down roots within them, and it will not have changed. If you persist in following God to the end, but you have not changed your life disposition or entered into the truth reality, can you obtain God’s approval? You still cannot. Believing in God is not a question of whether or not you can persist to the end. The key is whether or not you can obtain the truth, the life, and God’s approval. This is the most important thing. If a person cannot enter into the truth reality, if they cannot make the truth their life, then will their burst of enthusiasm or vigor last very long? It cannot last. People must understand the truth, and use the truth to replace it. When a person has resolved their corrupt disposition and possesses the faith and the principles to practice the truth, they will be able to persevere unwaveringly and keep trying in spite of all setbacks. No matter what environments, obstacles, or even temptations they encounter, they will always rely on God and look up to Him to triumph over Satan. In order to achieve this result, you must come before God often, confide in Him, tell Him your difficulties in prayer, and speak truthfully to Him. Also, as you do your duty in reality, and during your real life, you must seek on how to act so that you might practice the truth. You must seek and fellowship with people who understand the truth, who have the ability to comprehend the truth, and from doing so obtain a little bit of enlightenment and edification, and find a path of practice. When you are able to practice the truth, will that not solve your problem? If you always hold back and do not fellowship, thinking to yourself: “Maybe one day my stature will grow, and I’ll naturally just understand the truth, then I don’t need to deal with it now”—this kind of thinking is vague, unrealistic, and likely to delay things. This problem can be resolved by seeking out and fellowshipping with people who understand the truth. If you have the comprehension ability, then you can also resolve the problem by reading God’s words. Why do you not take resolving this problem seriously? If you do not seek the truth to resolve it, will the problem go away on its own? That is a foolish thought.

When things befall you now, are you able to seek the truth? Have you learned how to seek the truth? Aside from mastering some principles in your professional field, are you able to seek the truth when it comes to your own life entry—to improving your various states and changing your corrupt disposition? If you still complain when you are pruned because you did something that violated the principles, if you still feel constrained because you have been pruned, and if you go so far as to give up on yourself, thinking that you are going to be cast out, and become negative and slack off, then is your satanic disposition not so severe that you are being suffocated by it? When it comes to understanding the truth, people’s difficulties are too numerous and great; when they encounter problems, the negative parts of them emerge too quickly and for too long, and they practice the truth too slowly and too little. When people encounter certain environments, or notice certain glances from others, or hear certain words spoken, or find out certain kinds of information, negative things will arise in them, no matter the time and place. These are natural revelations of a corrupt disposition. What does this prove? It proves that there is no element of the truth within human life. The unprocessed things that people naturally reveal, whether you think them in your head, or speak them with your mouth, or if they are something that you intend or plan to do—whether intentional or unintentional—all these things are related to your corrupt disposition. From where are people’s corrupt dispositions revealed? It can be said with certainty that people’s corrupt dispositions are revealed from their satanic nature, that is the source. Considering the corrupt things that people reveal, it is clear that people do not have any of the truth reality, that they do not have any normal humanity, and that they do not have any normal reason. Right now, you can dissect yourselves. If you pay attention and focus on self-reflection, you can learn whether your intents, thoughts, and views are right or not, and whether they are in accordance with the truth or not. Generally, you will be able to discern these things a little and understand them. So, after you come to understand these things, will you be able to seek the truth for a solution? Or will you let them develop on their own, thinking: “I want to think this way, thinking this way is beneficial to me. Other people have no right to interfere. If I don’t say these things out loud, or act upon them, if I just think about them, isn’t that okay?” Are there not some people who do this? What is this a manifestation of? They clearly know that thinking this way is wrong, but they do not seek the truth, they do not put aside these thoughts, or rebel against them. They persist in thinking and acting that way, completely unconcerned. These people do not love the truth, and they cannot stand firm.

Some people do not perform a duty, and no one gets serious with them—these people think that as a believer in God, it is enough to just read God’s words, to live a church life, and to usually not do bad things or act in a dissolute way like unbelievers; they think that maybe in the end they will receive some blessings, and be able to survive. People hold onto this kind of wishful thinking in their belief in God. On the surface, they do not commit any serious mistakes, but they have no life entry at all, nor have they obtained any truth reality. The moment that someone gets serious with them, they realize that they are full of problems and shortcomings, and they become negative, thinking: “It’s all over, isn’t it? I’ve believed in God for years, and I’ve gained nothing from it. It looks like believing in God really isn’t easy!” They become cold, and they are no longer willing to strive toward the truth. After a while, they feel empty, and they feel like they need to pursue the truth to have hope. When they begin to do their duty, and people get serious with them again, they finally feel that: “People have to possess the truth, otherwise it’s too easy for them to make mistakes. If people don’t pursue the truth, they’ll always commit transgressions, and get pruned. If they rely on their enthusiasm to do things, they will be pruned too. I must be cautious in everything. I absolutely must not speak or act recklessly. I shouldn’t stick my nose into things. It is better to be a coward than to stand out.” They think that practicing this way is perfectly appropriate, that no one can point out any mistakes in it, but they have overlooked the most crucial point, which is that they ought to pursue the truth. They do not pursue the truth, nor do they pursue their own life entry, and that is their fatal flaw. When they do their duty, they are satisfied with just getting the job done. In order to complete their work, they labor from dawn to dusk, and sometimes they are so busy that they do not even care if they miss two meals. They can really suffer and pay a price, but they have no life entry. At every turn, they are on their guard against others, for fear that they will make a mistake and be pruned. Is this sort of state right? Is this someone who pursues the truth? If people do their duty like this until the end, will they be able to obtain the truth or enter into the truth reality? (No.) Are there not many people like this among you? Are you not often in this very state? (Yes.) Are you on the alert, thinking that this is a bad way to act, that you are living in a negative state? When things befall you, you always act like cowards, you always act like people pleasers, always compromising, always taking the middle path, never offending anyone or sticking your nose into things, never going too far—it is like you are standing in your own position, sticking to your duty, doing whatever you are asked to do, standing neither in the front nor in the back, and going with the flow—tell Me, do you think that if you persist in doing your duty this way to the very end you will be able to obtain God’s approval? Are you aware that this kind of state is quite dangerous, that not only will you be unable to obtain God’s perfection, but that you are also likely to offend God’s disposition? Does this kind of lukewarm person pursue the truth? Are they the kind of person who fears God and shuns evil? A person who lives in this kind of state often pours forth the thoughts of a people pleaser, and they don’t have a God-fearing heart. If one merely feels horror and fright for no good reason, is that a God-fearing heart? (No.) Even if they throw their whole self into their duty, resign from their work, and renounce their family, if they do not give God their heart, and they guard themselves against God, is that a good state? Is that the normal state of entering into the truth reality? Is the future development of this state not terrifying? If a person continues on in this state, can they obtain the truth? Can they gain the life? Can they enter into the truth reality? (No.) Are you aware that you yourselves possess this very state? When you become aware of it, do you think to yourselves: “Why am I always guarded against God? Why do I always think this way? To think this way is so frightening! It is opposing God and rejecting the truth. Guarding against God is the same as resisting Him”? The state of being guarded against God is just like being a thief—you do not dare to live in the light, you are afraid of exposing your demonic faces, and at the same time, you are frightened: “God is not to be trifled with. He can judge and chastise people at all times and places. If you anger God, in mild cases He will prune you, and in severe ones He will punish you, make you sick, or cause you to suffer. People cannot bear those things!” Do people not have these misunderstandings? Is this a God-fearing heart? (No.) Is this kind of state not terrifying? When a person is in this state, when they guard against God, and always have these thoughts, when they always have this kind of attitude toward God, are they treating God like God? Is this belief in God? When a person believes in God in this way, when they do not treat God like God, is that not a problem? At the very minimum, people do not accept God’s righteous disposition, nor do they accept the fact of His work. They think: “It’s true that God is merciful and loving, but He is also wrathful. When God’s wrath befalls a person, it is disastrous. He can smite people to death at any time, destroying whomever He wishes. Do not invoke God’s anger. It is true that His majesty and wrath permit no offense. Keep your distance from Him!” If a person has this kind of attitude and these ideas, can they fully and sincerely come before God? They cannot. Is there not then a distance between them and God? Are there not many things separating the two of them? (Yes.) Which things hinder people from coming before God? (Their futures and destinies.) (Fame, gain, and status.) What else? Which things cause people to be averse to the truth, to reject the truth, to reject God’s life provision and His salvation? Ponder on this: Which parts of people hinder them from sincerely coming before God, and from practicing the truth, and from giving their bodies and hearts over to God to take charge of and hold sovereignty over? Which things cause people to be afraid of God, and to misunderstand God? People have corrupt dispositions, as well as satanic philosophies, and satanic thoughts; they are deceitful, they guard against God at every turn, mistrusting and misunderstanding Him. When they are adulterated by all of these things, can a person truly trust God? Can they accept God’s words as their life? Some people say: “I eat and drink God’s words every day. When I read His words and feel moved by them, I pray. I treasure God’s words as the truth. I read them every day, and I often pray in silence, and sing hymns praising God.” Although this kind of spiritual life is good, if these people still rely on their own ideas when reacting to things that befall them, if they do not seek the truth at all, and none of the doctrines that they understand have an effect on them, what is going on? People do not love the truth. They claim to treasure God’s words, but they do not hold themselves up against them for comparison, and they do not put them into practice. This is very troublesome, and it is very difficult for people to then enter into the truth reality. People never understand the truth, nor do they have the slightest knowledge of God, so they certainly have notions and misunderstandings about God, and there is a wall between them and God. Do you not all have personal experience of this? You say: “I don’t want to guard against God, I want to truly trust Him, but when something happens to me, I can’t help but guard against Him. I want to bundle myself up and separate myself from God, and to use satanic philosophies to protect myself. What is wrong with me?” This shows that people do not have the truth, they still live by satanic philosophies, and they are still controlled by Satan. That is the pitiful likeness that people have due to their satanic nature—it is difficult for them to put the truth into practice. Not practicing the truth is the greatest barrier to life entry. If this problem is not solved, it is difficult for a person to give their heart to God, to obtain His work, or to enter into the truth reality. Have you all experienced this? How can this matter be resolved? You must reflect on and try to know yourselves, and see which things are hindering you from practicing the truth. Solving this problem is key.

Is pursuing the truth as complicated or as difficult as pursuing a branch of scholarship? It is actually not that difficult, it just depends on whether or not a person loves the truth. Pursuing the truth is not difficult in and of itself; it requires less effort than studying a specialized field of science—it is even easier than making a living. Why is that? The reality of the truth is what those with normal humanity should live out and possess. It relates to people’s normal humanity, so it is not disconnected from their thoughts and ideas, from everything that they think, from all of the actions and behavior that they engage in during their everyday lives, or from their minds. The truth is not a theory, nor is it a field of academia, nor is it a profession. The truth is not empty. The truth is closely related to normal humanity—the truth is the life that a person with normal humanity ought to possess. It can correct all of your flaws, your bad habits, and your negative and incorrect thoughts. It can transform your satanic disposition, it can become your life, it can enable you to possess humanity and rationality, it can normalize your thoughts and your mindset—it can make every part of you normal. If the truth becomes your life, then what you live out and all of your outpourings of humanity will be normal. So, the pursuit and practice of the truth is not an obscure, unfathomable thing, nor is it something especially difficult. Right now, although you love the truth a little and are willing to strive to become better, you have not yet touched on the path at all. The first step is always the hardest. As long as you can put the truth into practice and taste its sweetness, you will think that pursuing the truth is an easy matter.

If a person does not take the truth as their life and always lives within a corrupt disposition, how does that manifest? When a person has not gained the truth, they naturally have no way to cast off the constraints and fetters of their satanic nature. The corrupt dispositions they reveal are naturally arrogance and conceit, being a law unto themselves, arbitrariness and recklessness, lying and cheating, insidiousness and deceit, grasping for prestige and interests, seeking nothing but profit, and selfishness and vileness. Furthermore, in their dealings with other people, they are prone toward mistrusting, judging, and attacking others. They always speak and act based on their preferences; they always have personal intents and aims, and they always have preconceived ideas about others. They always become negative when faced with setbacks or failure. Sometimes, they are beyond arrogant; sometimes, they are so negative that they could bury themselves in a hole in the ground. They always go to the extremes—if they are not bearing their fangs and brandishing their claws, they are negative and trying to act pitiful. They are never normal. This is the state that you are in now. You are willing to suffer and pay a price, and you are full of resolve and determination, but you do not have the truth reality. If a person takes the truth reality as their life, how will that manifest? First of all, they will be able to submit to God, and to live out human likeness; they will be an honest person, someone whose life disposition has changed. There are several characteristics of change in life disposition. The first characteristic is being able to submit to things that are right and conform to the truth. No matter who offers an opinion, whether they are old or young, whether you are able to get along with them or not, whether you know them or not, whether you are familiar with them or not, whether your relationship with them is good or bad, so long as what they say is right, conforms to the truth, and is beneficial to the work of God’s house, you will be able to listen to, adopt, and accept it, without being influenced by any other factors. To be able to accept and submit to things that are right and conform to the truth is the first characteristic. The second characteristic is being able to seek the truth when something happens; it is not only about being able to accept the truth, it is also about practicing the truth, and not handling matters based on your own will. No matter what happens to you, you will be able to seek when you cannot see things clearly, and look at how to handle the issue, and how to practice in a way that conforms to the truth principles and satisfies God’s requirements. The third characteristic is considering God’s will no matter what issue you face, rebelling against the flesh to achieve submission to God. You will consider God’s will no matter what duty you are performing, and you will perform your duty according to God’s requirements. Whatever requirements God has for this duty, you will act according to those requirements while performing it, and act in order to satisfy God. You must grasp this principle, and perform your duty responsibly and loyally. That is what it means to consider God’s will. If you do not know how to consider God’s will or satisfy God in a certain matter, then you must seek. You should compare yourselves to these three characteristics of dispositional change, and look to see if you possess these characteristics or not. If you have practical experience and paths of practice in these three areas, then you will be handling matters with principles. Regardless of what befalls you or what problem you are dealing with, you must always seek on what the principles of practice are, and on what details are included within each truth principle, and on how to practice without violating the principles. Once you have gained clarity on these issues, you will naturally know how to practice the truth.

When all is well, some people seem to not reveal any obvious corrupt dispositions, and because of this, they think that they are good, that they have changed, and that they have the truth reality. But when temptations or important matters involving the truth principles befall them, their corrupt disposition reveals itself. They fall into negativity and confusion, not knowing the appropriate way to practice, beset by difficulties. For example, to be an honest person and to speak truthfully is to practice the truth. When you try to speak truthfully, what difficulties do you face? What obstacles do you face? Which things constrain and bind you, and prevent you from speaking truthfully? Pride, status, vanity, as well as your feelings, and personal preferences—all of these things can arise at any moment, and they hold people back and constrain them from practicing the truth. These things are corrupt dispositions. No matter what situation you are in, corrupt dispositions can cause your state to become abnormal, producing all kinds of negative things, constraining and controlling you in every way, holding you back and making it difficult for you to practice the truth and serve God. This will all make you feel incredibly tired. On the surface, people appear to be free, but they are actually tightly bound by their corrupt, satanic dispositions. They do not have any freedom of choice, it is extremely difficult for them to take even a single step, and they live exhausting lives. Oftentimes, it takes a lot of effort for them to speak truthfully or do anything practical. They cannot do their duties well or be loyal to God, though they may want to, and if they wish to practice the truth or testify for God, it will be even more difficult. How exhausting! Are they not living in the cage of their corrupt, satanic dispositions? Are they not living under the dark influence of Satan? (They are.) Then how can people cast it off? Is there another path aside from practicing the truth and gaining life entry? There absolutely is not. Can the knowledge of traditional culture save people and free them from Satan’s influence? What about an understanding of the knowledge of the Bible? How about being able to speak spiritual doctrines? No, none of these things can save people and free them from Satan’s influence. Only by accepting God’s work and all of the truths that God has expressed can the problem of corrupt dispositions be resolved; only then can people attain an understanding of the truth, obtain the truth, and be free of Satan’s influence. If someone strives to be a good person and does not do anything bad, but they do not change their disposition, can they be free of Satan’s influence? Can a person obtain the truth by studying the Tao Te Ching, Buddhist scripture, or traditional culture? Can they come to know God? Can their corrupt disposition be cleansed if they cling to traditional culture and do not pursue the truth? Can they attain God’s salvation? People who do so are deceiving themselves, and they cannot solve any of their problems. There are lots of people who have believed in God for many years, but their belief is still muddled. They have no interest in pursuing the truth; they are satisfied with just doing their duty. They think that as long as they do no evil, or do less evil, and as long as they do more good and charitable things, as long as they do more to lovingly help others, as long as they never leave the church or betray God, that will please other people, and please God, and they will have a share in the kingdom of God. Does this idea hold any water? Can being a good person enable a person to cast off their corrupt disposition? Can they achieve salvation this way? Will they have a share in the kingdom? You can all see, there are many so-called “good people” in the world who speak high-minded words—although on the surface, they do not seem to have committed any great evil, they are actually especially deceitful and slippery. They are very good at steering wherever the wind blows, speaking smoothly and slickly. They are false good people and hypocrites—they are merely pretending to be good. Those who walk the middle path are the most insidious people of all. They offend no one, they are smooth and slick, they are good at playing along in all situations, and no one can see their faults. They are like living Satans! Are there people like this among you? (Yes.) Do you not think that living this way is tiring? (Yes, it is tiring.) Then have you thought of a way to change? How do you change? Where should the breakthrough begin? (By practicing the truth.) Do not say “by practicing the truth,” or “by understanding the truth,” or “by entering into the truth reality.” This is big talk, and it is beyond the reach of man, so these words seem empty. We must start with the details, instead. (By being an honest person.) That is a concrete practice. Be an honest person, or to go into a bit more detail: Be a simple and open person, who does not cover anything up, who does not lie, who does not mince words, and be a direct person who has a sense of justice, who can speak truthfully. People must achieve this first. Say that there is an evil person who does something that disturbs the work of the church, and a leader comes to you to better understand the situation. You know who did it, but because you have a good relationship with that person, and you do not want to offend them, you lie and say that you do not know. The leader asks for more details, and you beat around the bush, making up an excuse to cover for the evil person. Is that not deceitful? You did not tell the leader the truth about the situation, and hid it instead. Why would you do this? Because you did not want to offend anyone. You put protecting interpersonal relationships and not offending anyone first, and you put speaking truthfully and practicing the truth last. What are you being controlled by? You are being controlled by your satanic disposition, it has sealed your mouth and prevented you from speaking truthfully—you are only able to live by your satanic disposition. What is a corrupt disposition? A corrupt disposition is a satanic disposition, and a person who lives by their corrupt disposition is a living Satan. Their speech always carries temptation within it, it is always roundabout, and never direct; even if they were being beaten to death, they would not speak truthfully. This is what happens when a person’s corrupt disposition becomes too severe; they completely lose their humanity and become a devil. Many of you would prefer to offend and cheat God in order to protect your relationships with others, and the status and reputation that you hold among other people. Does a person who acts in this way love the truth? Are they someone who pursues the truth? They are someone who cheats God with their eyes wide open, who has not even the slightest bit of a God-fearing heart. They dare to cheat God; their ambition and rebelliousness must be truly great! Such people usually still think that they love and fear God, and often say: “Every time I think of God, I think of how immense, how great, and how unfathomable He is! God loves mankind, His love is so real!” You may speak nice-sounding words, but you would not expose an evil person if you saw them disturbing the work of the church. You are people pleasers, you only protect your own fame, gain, and status, instead of protecting the interests of God’s house. When you know the true state of affairs, you do not speak truthfully, you beat around the bush, protecting evil people. If you were asked to speak truthfully, it would be very difficult for you. You speak so much nonsense, just to avoid telling the truth! When you speak, you go in so many circles, you expend so much thought, and live in such a tiring way, all to protect your own reputation and pride! Is God pleased by people who act this way? God detests deceitful people above all. If you want to be free of Satan’s influence and achieve salvation, then you must accept the truth. You must first start by becoming an honest person. Be frank, tell the truth, do not be constrained by your feelings, cast off your pretense and trickery, and speak and handle matters with principles—this is an easy and happy way to live, and you will be able to live before God. If you always live according to satanic philosophies, and always rely on lies and trickery to get through your days, then you will be living under the power of Satan, and you will be living in darkness. If you live in Satan’s world, you will only become more and more deceitful. You have believed in God for so many years, you have listened to so many sermons, but your corrupt disposition has not yet been cleansed, and now you are still living by your satanic disposition—do you not feel disgusted by this? Do you not feel ashamed? No matter how long you have believed in God, if you are still like an unbeliever, then what is the point of you believing in God? Can you really attain salvation by believing in God like this? Your life goals have not changed, nor have your principles and methods; the only thing you have that an unbeliever does not is the title of “believer.” Although you follow God outwardly, your life disposition has not changed at all, and in the end you will not achieve salvation. Are you not getting your hopes up for nothing? Can this kind of belief in God help you to obtain the truth and life? Absolutely not.

Today we have fellowshipped about the three characteristics of dispositional change. Summarize those three characteristics. (The first characteristic is the ability to accept and submit to things that are right and that conform to the truth. The second characteristic is the ability to seek the truth and put it into practice when something happens to you, and to not handle matters based on your own will. The third characteristic is the ability to give thought to God’s will, to rebel against the flesh and achieve submission to God, no matter what befalls you.) You should all contemplate and fellowship on these three characteristics. You should compare yourselves to them in your real lives, and train yourselves to practice and enter into them—that way, you will be able to obtain the truth and achieve a change in disposition. No matter what aspect of the truth is being fellowshipped on, it would be easy for those who love the truth to accept it. Those who are willing to put the truth into practice will be able to obtain the truth, and those who obtain the truth will be able to achieve a change in disposition. Those without conscience or reason, who do not love the truth, cannot accept or practice the truth, so they will not be able to obtain it. Whether or not a person can obtain the truth, or achieve a change in disposition, depends on their personal pursuit.

August 16, 2015

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