Since God incarnate formally performed His ministry in China in 1991, He has expressed more than one million words, conquered and saved a group of people, and opened the new age in which judgment begins with the house of God. Now the spreading of God’s work of the last days in Mainland China has reached its peak. Most of the people who pursue the truth in all Christian denominations and sects and Catholic churches have returned before God’s throne, and the entire religious world seems to have been cleaned up. The incarnate God has accomplished the work prophesied in the Bible that the Son of man would come in a hidden way, and it will soon conclude with glory. All the people who thirst after God’s appearing in every country and place will face God’s open manifestation. We, who have accepted the work of Christ in the last days, have stepped into the Age of Kingdom in advance. Just as God’s word says: “The kingdom is expanding in humanity’s midst, it is forming in humanity’s midst, it is standing up in humanity’s midst; there is no force that can destroy My kingdom.” “My kingdom is forming over the whole universe, and My throne is seizing the hearts of trillions of people. With the angels’ assistance, My great accomplishment will soon be brought to successful completion. All the masses of My sons and My people, anxiously await My return, anticipating My reuniting with them, never to be separated again. How could all the populace of My kingdom not run around in celebration with each other over My being together with them? Could this be a costless reunion? I am honorable in the eyes of everyone, I am proclaimed in everyone’s words. When I return, I will conquer all enemy forces even more. The time has come! I will put My work in motion, I will reign supreme among man! I am returning! I am leaving! This is what everyone is anticipating, what they are hoping for. I want to let everyone see the arrival of My day and joyfully welcome the coming of My day!” “All those that I love will surely live for eternity, and all those who stand against Me will surely be chastised by Me for eternity. For I am a jealous God, I will not lightly spare men for all that they have done. I will watch over the whole earth, and, appearing in the East of the world with righteousness, majesty, wrath, and chastisement, I will reveal Myself to the myriad hosts of humanity!

God’s extraordinary work has revealed all antichrists, false prophets, and deceivers, and also exposed those unbelievers who only pursue grace and eat bread to fill their stomach. God’s words of judgment like a sharp two-edged sword have pierced through people’s hearts and spirits, so those who hate rebuke, who detest pure words, and who do not love the truth have all shown their true self. Only those who know the voice of God are the sheep of God and thus can return before God’s throne; while those who do not know the voice of God have all been eliminated by God’s work.

Since we started the gospel work, we have been cruelly persecuted and hunted by the Chinese government, and the sadder thing is that we have also been cursed, framed, condemned, and rejected by all Christian denominations and sects and Catholic churches. This greatly troubled us and even brought the gospel work to a standstill for a period of time. Facing such a situation, we were at our wits’ end as if being besieged on all sides. At the same time, we also felt quite rebuked: We have enjoyed such a great salvation of God and understood so many truths, but we are incapable of spreading them. We really do not deserve to be God’s witnesses and are not worthy of God’s commission. In such a state of mind, we all felt that we lost our duties and had no idea what to do next. We didn’t know how to give an account to God, much less how to face what God had repeatedly told us and entrusted to us. Though at a loss, we still felt that God’s heart was calling us and calling every sheep that He waited to gain. So, with indebtedness, guilt, and thirst, we all came before God, praying and pouring out our heart to Him: God! May You give us strength and bestow wisdom upon us, so that we can get all Your sheep back. May Your will be carried out in us, may Your kingdom expand, and make Your words save more people so that they can come to Your family. As long as Your gospel can be spread, we are willing to undergo greater sufferings, even if we have to give up our lives. May You give us more strength, and we are willing to cooperate with Your step-by-step guidance. God! Because our stature is small, and because of our weaknesses, we cannot complete Your commission successfully. May You bind those hostile forces that disturb the spread of Your gospel, curse those who are the kind of the devil that don’t belong to You, sweep away everything that hinders the spread of Your gospel, and open up the way for us. We believed that our prayer reached God’s ears, for our prayer was according to God’s heart and was made for God’s will. Soon, God indeed did a great work, and this brought us an excitement and joy we had never felt before. God bestowed wisdom upon us and gave us faith and strength, so that the gospel work immediately spread to a high point. Every one of us knew and believed that this was the good news God brought to us, and much more the encouragement and reward God gave to us. We got a gift in return for our sufferings. Deep within every one of us, we even more experienced the true meaning of this word: “Only God Himself can do His own work.” God did not give us a hard time, much less embarrass us. He only gave us some small trials in the beginning. With delight, we thanked God for His guidance, help, and care and keeping from the bottom of our hearts. Meanwhile, we also saw the greatness of God’s deeds and the honor of His disposition, and even more saw the aspect of God’s righteousness and His not allowing to be offended by man, for while God was saving people, He also punished many of His enemies who resisted Him.

The gospel preachers in various places learned lots of such news: Many people who had resisted the work of Almighty God or who had disturbed and hindered others from accepting “Almighty God” all suffered punishments or curses in different degrees, and this, to some extent, had a positive effect on our gospel work. Hearing these news, we could not help but praise God’s righteousness, and even more thanked God for hearing our prayer, and our fear of God and looking up to God especially welled up in us. God will not abandon the sheep that belong to Him, nor let off anyone who does evil to resist Him. God is omnipresent and omnipotent, and God’s work cannot be hindered by any hostile force. God let us see so many cases of punishing the evildoers, and we believed that this was also a silent warning God gave to every one of us. So we systematically arranged many facts about those who were punished as the duty we should perform, and also as a warning handbook for everyone’s believing in God and pursuing the truth!

The punished ones we sorted out were mostly from Christian denominations and sects and Catholic churches, the time was from 1993 to 2002, and the area included twenty-four provinces and municipalities. We collected more than ten thousand cases of punishment for resisting Almighty God. From these cases, we only selected about eight hundred and seventy representative ones from every place and arranged them, so that all people can learn lessons from them. (Note: Only 219 cases have been translated into English by now.) In all these shocking cases of people being punished for resisting God, we summarized that there were mainly four kinds of people who resisted God rather fiercely. They are listed as follows:

First, because they themselves had no discernment due to their ignorance of the Holy Spirit’s work, they were deceived by others or restrained by the wicked servants, and followed them to do evil and echoed what they said, and they spoke many words against God and did evil to hinder others from accepting God’s work. God only gave this kind of people slight punishment and did not take away their lives. Some of them got strange diseases, some suffered disasters themselves, and some brought misfortune upon their family members. To this kind of people, God gave them a chance to repent. Of course, there were some stubborn ones who still refused to repent even after being punished and continued doing evil, and thus they were cut off.

Second, most of these people were leaders in various sects and denominations, and they were faced with a choice between their position and God. For the sake of their position, they gave up the true way, deliberately resisted God’s work, and kept the people controlled in their hands. In order to enjoy the blessings of status forever, they deceived and trapped the people. It seemed to them that to lose people was to lose position, and without position, they could not live. Therefore, they tried hard to compete with God for His chosen people, calling God’s sheep their sheep. They were typical antichrists, and what they served were their own position and rice-bowl. Their heart became harder and harder. They not only enjoyed God’s grace but also wanted to control God’s chosen people, not even giving them their due right to make free choices. They were exactly the wicked servants the Lord Jesus had prophesied. To this kind of people, God also gave them different degrees of punishments according to their behavior, and also the chance to repent. However, some of them went even further and stubbornly refused to repent, so God took away their lives. To those who restrained themselves or stopped doing evil after being punished, God did not take away their lives but is still waiting for them to repent.

Third, this part of people had been possessed by evil spirits, and some of them had performed many miracles by evil spirits. These people only believed in the work of evil spirits on them but did not know anything about the work of the Holy Spirit. So, when God’s new work was preached to them, it aroused their strong opposition. This kind of people particularly hated the work of the Holy Spirit and were most disgusted with the truth expressed by God. In all sects and denominations, these people’s voices of resisting God were the highest and their actions were the most malicious, and they opposed God most actively and vehemently. This part of people were the tools of evil spirits, the enemies of God, and the accomplices of Satan, so the outcome of these people was cursed, and they were doomed to have the destiny of perishing and being destroyed.

Fourth, this part of people who were punished were the core members trained by the Three-Self Church. They specially served and worked their fingers to the bone for the Communist Party, and were hostile to all true believers in God. By the forces of the state, they persecuted those who truly followed God and testified God, serving as the tools of the government of the country. They held the rice-bowl bestowed by the Communist Party and spoke and worked hard for it, and they became the mouthpieces of the Communist Party in the religious world. In fact, their master was the Communist Party. This part of people held the ruling position in the sect in most areas, and they kept many ignorant believers controlled in their hands. These people were complete devils that resisted God, and they were indeed the unbelievers in Christianity. Though they were on the rampage for a period of time, their outcome was doomed to be cursed and destroyed.

These famous people in Christian denominations and sects and Catholic churches, because of condemning God’s work and hindering God’s will from being carried out, were punished by God or even cursed to death. Isn’t this worthy of people’s careful consideration? If the one they resisted had not been God, who could have punished them or taken away their lives? If they had truly belonged to God, who would have had the right to take their lives out of God’s hand? Don’t you acknowledge that God is righteous?

By combining the states of these four kinds of people and according to their doings, we can see clearly that these people did not love the truth by nature. They had a hostile attitude toward God’s work of saving and transforming men through judgment and chastisement, and they were extremely disgusted with God’s words which expose man’s nature and pierce through man’s soul and thus went into a rage, as if God’s arrival had interrupted their pleasant dreams. Comparing with the Pharisees’ persecution of the Lord Jesus two thousand years ago, they went even further, and eventually incurred punishments and curses. Not until their death did they realize that God’s disposition is really not allowed to be offended, but they could only weep and gnash their teeth in the darkness.

Having heard too many such cases, we felt it necessary to compile them into a book. But because the people who provided these cases were from different places and their level of education was different, we several times proofread, organized, and verified these cases, and after a lot of trouble finished this book. Owing to the difficulty in making the investigation, we hope you would excuse us if there are small errors in some cases. In order to truthfully present these cases to you as soon as possible, we published this book in a hurry, hoping that the readers of this book will receive revelation and learn lessons from these various cases of punishment.

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