The content of Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs is divided into two parts: hymns of God’s words, and hymns of church life.

The hymns of Almighty God’s words are entirely drawn from selected passages of The Word Appears in the Flesh and Records of Talks of Christ of the Last Days. The rendering of these essential utterances into song is of great benefit to the spiritual devotion of God’s chosen ones, helping them draw closer to God, and their contemplation of God’s words and understanding of the truth; these hymns are, what’s more, conducive to people experiencing God’s words and entering the reality of His words.

The hymns of church life are testimonial hymns written by God’s chosen ones based on their experiences of God’s judgment and chastisement. These hymns bear witness to the effect that God’s work of judgment achieves in people. They testify that all the truth expressed by Almighty God is fully capable of conquering, cleansing, and perfecting human beings. They entirely prove that God has made a group of overcomers in China, has been victorious over Satan, and has fully obtained glory. These hymns bring people faith and strength, and encourage them to reflect upon themselves, to see their deficiencies, to solve their difficulties and points of confusion—confirming that only those who understand the truth can free themselves from the influence of Satan, that the truth can set people free. Good songs are a companion in life, there to help whenever needed. They are a source of great edification.

August 8, 2020

Please note: As of this hymn book’s publication date, only some of the lyrics have been put to music. Those that haven’t appear with a text translation.

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