10 God’s Kingdom Has Appeared on Earth


Almighty true God, the King enthroned, rules the entire universe,

facing all nations and all peoples,

and everything under heaven shines with God’s glory.

All living things in the universe and unto the ends of the earth shall see.

The mountains, the rivers, the lakes, the lands, the oceans, and all living beings

have drawn open their curtains in the light of the true God’s countenance,

and they are revived, as if waking from a dream,

as if they were sprouts breaking through the soil!

Ah! The one true God appears before the world.

Who dares approach Him with resistance?

All tremble with fear.

All are utterly convinced, and all beg forgiveness repeatedly.

All people fall to their knees before Him, and all mouths worship Him!


The continents and oceans, the mountains, the rivers—

all things praise God endlessly!

Springtime comes with its warm breezes,

bringing fine spring rain, bringing fine spring rain.

Like all people,

the streams’ currents flow with grief and joy,

shedding tears of indebtedness and self-reproach.

The rivers, the lakes, the surf and the swells all are singing,

lauding the true God’s holy name!

The sound of praise rings out with such clarity!

Old things that were once corrupted by Satan—

each and every one of them will be renewed and changed

and will enter into an entirely new realm …


This is the holy trumpet, and it has begun to sound!

Hearken to it.

That sound, so sweet, is the utterance of the throne,

announcing to every nation and people that the time has come,

that the final end has come.

God’s management plan is finished.

His kingdom has appeared openly on earth.

The kingdoms of the world have become the kingdom of God,

the kingdom of God.

God’s seven trumpets sound from the throne,

and such wondrous things will occur!

He looks with joy upon His people, who hear His voice

and gather from every nation, every nation and land.

All people, keeping the true God ever in their mouths,

praise and jump endlessly for joy!

They bear witness to the world,

and the sound of their witness to the true God

is like the thundering sound of many waters.

All people will crowd into God’s kingdom, crowd into God’s kingdom.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Utterances of Christ in the Beginning, Chapter 36

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