36 God Has Wrought New Work Throughout the Universe


God shall fill the empyrean with the manifestations of His actions

and make everything on earth fall prostrate under His power,

thus implementing His plan for “global unity”

and bringing this one wish of His to fruition,

so that humanity will no longer “roam about”

on the face of the earth,

but find a suitable destination without delay.

God takes thought for the human race in every way,

making it so that all mankind will soon come to live

in a land of peace and happiness,

so that the days of their lives will no longer be sad and desolate,

and so that His plan will not come to naught upon the earth.


Because man exists there, God shall build His nation upon the earth,

for a part of the manifestation of His glory is upon the earth.

In heaven above, God shall set His city aright

and so make everything new above and below,

make everything new above and below.

God shall render all that exists above and below heaven

into one unity, into one unity,

so that all things on earth will be united,

will be united with all that is in heaven.

This is God’s plan;

it is what He shall accomplish in the final age—

let no one interfere with this part of His work!


God shall have human beings throughout the universe

surrender before His throne,

dividing them into different categories according to His judgment.

He’ll classify them according to these categories,

and further sort them into their families,

so that the whole of humanity will cease to rebel against Him.

They’ll fall into a neat and orderly arrangement

according to the categories that God has named—

let no one move about at random!

Throughout the universe, God has wrought new work;

all humanity is dazed and dumbstruck by His sudden appearance,

their horizons greatly expanded by His appearance in the open.

Is today not just so?

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 43

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