70 People Are Classed by the Work of Conquest


Today’s work of conquest is intended

to make it obvious what man’s outcome will be, will be.

Why is it said that today’s chastisement and judgment

are judgment before the great white throne of the last days?

And why is the work of conquest the final stage?

Is it not precisely to make manifest

what kind of outcome each class of man will meet?

Is it not to allow all,

in the course of the work of conquest of chastisement and judgment,

to show their true colors and then to be classified

according to their kind, according to their kind?

Rather than saying this is conquering mankind,

it might be better to say this is showing

what kind of outcome there will be for each class of person.

This is about judging people’s sins

and then revealing various classes of man,

thereby deciding whether they are evil or righteous.


After the work of conquest,

then comes the work of rewarding good

and punishing evil, and punishing evil.

Those who wholly submit—the thoroughly conquered—

will be placed in the next step of spreading God’s work to the entire universe;

whereas the unconquered will be placed in darkness

and meet with calamity.

Thus will man be classified by kind,

the evildoers grouped with evil, never to see the sun,

and the righteous grouped with good, to receive light and live forever in the light.

The outcome of each kind of person is revealed

when the outcome is near for all things,

and during the work of conquering the entire universe.

The revelation of the outcome of all mankind

is done before the seat of judgment,

and within the course of the chastisement,

and in the course of the work of conquest of the last days.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Inside Truth of the Work of Conquest (1)

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