96 People Know God Better Through the Work of Words


In the last days, God mainly uses the word, the word to make man perfect.

He does not use signs and wonders to oppress man, or convince man;

this cannot reveal the power of God.

If God only showed signs and wonders,

it would be impossible to reveal the practicality of God,

and thus impossible to make man perfect.

God does not make man perfect by signs and wonders,

but uses the word to water and shepherd man,

after which is achieved man’s complete submission and their knowledge of God.

This is the aim of the work He does and the words He speaks.

God does not use the method of showing signs and wonders to make man perfect—

He uses words,

and uses many different methods of work

to make man perfect, to make man perfect.

Whether it be the refinement, pruning, or provision of words,

God speaks from many different perspectives to make man perfect,

and to give man a greater knowledge of God’s work

and a greater knowledge of God’s wisdom and wondrousness,

a greater knowledge of God’s wisdom and wondrousness.


The work God does today is practical work,

and He would definitely not show signs and wonders now.

If He showed signs and wonders,

His practical work would fall into disorder, and He couldn’t do any more work.

If God said to use the word to make man perfect,

but also showed signs and wonders,

then could it be revealed whether or not man truly believes in Him?

Thus, God does not do such things, God does not do such things.

There is too much of religion within man;

God has come during the last days

to expel all the religious notions and supernatural things within man,

and make man know the practicality of God.

He has come to remove an image of a God that is abstract and fanciful—

an image of a God who, in other words, does not exist at all.

So, now the only thing that is precious

is for you to have a knowledge of practicality!

In belief in God, what man seeks is the truth,

and what he pursues is life, rather than signs and wonders.

This should be the goal of all those who believe in God.

This should be the goal of all those who believe in God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. All Is Achieved by the Word of God

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