126 Christ of the Last Days Reveals the Mystery of God’s Management Plan


During the last days,

God reveals all the work,

all the work in the six-thousand-year management plan to you.

This is the unveiling, unveiling of the mystery.

This kind of mystery is something that can be unveiled by no man.

No matter how great an understanding man has of the Bible,

it remains nothing more than words, nothing more than words,

for man does not understand the essence of the Bible,

for man does not understand the essence of the Bible.


In reading the Bible, man may understand some truths,

explain some words,

or subject some famous chapters to petty scrutiny.

But he will never be able to extricate the meaning

contained within those words,

for all man sees are dead words,

and he does not see the scenes of the work of Jehovah and of Jesus,

and he has no way of unraveling the mystery of this work.


The mystery of the six-thousand-year management plan

is the greatest mystery, the most deeply hidden,

and unfathomable to man.

No one can directly grasp the will of God,

unless God Himself explains and reveals it to man;

otherwise, these will forever remain riddles to man,

remaining forever sealed mysteries.

Never mind those in the religious world;

if you had not been told today,

you would not have grasped it either.

This work of six thousand years is even more mysterious

than all the prophecies of the prophets.

It is the greatest mystery from creation to the present;

no prophets throughout the ages have ever been able to fathom it,

for this mystery is only unveiled in the final age,

for this mystery is only unveiled in the final age.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Mystery of the Incarnation (4)

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