141 God’s Disposition Is Seen in Each Stage of His Work


The work done by God Himself in each age

contains the expression of His true disposition,

and both His name and the work that He does

change along with the age—they are all new.

During the Age of Law,

the work of guiding mankind

was done under Jehovah’s name;

the first stage of work was initiated on earth.

At this stage, the work consisted of

building the temple and the altar,

with the law to guide Israel’s people

and to work in their midst.

From this base,

He expanded His work beyond Israel,

that is, starting from Israel,

He extended His work outward.

Then later generations gradually came to know Jehovah was God;

it was Jehovah who created the heavens and earth and all things,

who made all creatures.

He spread His work

through the people of Israel outward beyond them.

That was the work of the Age of Law,

the work of the Age of Law.


During the Age of Grace,

the name of God was Jesus,

God was a God who saved man,

a compassionate and loving God.

God was with man.

His love, His compassion,

and His salvation accompanied each and every person.

Only by accepting Jesus’ name and His presence

could man gain peace and joy, His blessing,

His vast and numerous graces, and His salvation.

Through Jesus’ crucifixion,

all those who followed Him

received His salvation and were forgiven their sins.

During the last days, His name is Almighty God—

the Almighty, who uses His power

to guide man, conquer and gain him,

and in the end, He brings the age to its close.

In every age, at every stage of His work,

God’s disposition is evident.

In every age, at every stage of His work,

God’s disposition is evident.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Vision of God’s Work (3)

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