156 Christ Expresses What the Spirit Is


God is well aware of the substance of man

and can expose all kinds of practices pertaining to all kinds of people.

He is even better at exposing the corrupt dispositions

and the rebellious behavior of humans,

the rebellious behavior of humans.

He does not live among worldly people,

but He is aware of the nature of mortals

and all the corruptions of worldly people.

This is His being.

Though He does not deal with the world,

He knows the rules of dealing with the world,

because He understands human nature fully.


God knows about the Spirit’s work

that man’s eyes cannot see and man’s ears cannot hear,

both of today and of the past.

This includes wisdom that is not a philosophy for worldly dealings

and wonders that are hard for people to fathom.

This is His being, open to people and also hidden from people.

What He expresses is not the being of an extraordinary person,

but the inherent attributes and being of the Spirit.


God does not travel the world but knows everything of it.

He contacts the “anthropoids” who have no knowledge or insight,

but He expresses words that are higher than knowledge and above great men.

He lives within a group of obtuse and numb people

who are without humanity

and who do not understand the conventions and life of humanity,

but He can ask mankind to live out normal humanity,

at the same time exposing the base and low humanity of mankind.

All this is His being, higher than the being of any flesh-and-blood person.


Exposing and judging man

is not an expression of the experiences of God’s flesh;

it is His exposure of man’s unrighteousness

after having known man’s rebelliousness for a long time

and abhorring mankind’s corruption.

The work He does is all meant

to reveal His disposition to man and to express His being.

Only He can do this work;

it is not something a flesh-and-blood person could achieve.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Work and Man’s Work

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