181 The Authority and Significance of God’s Incarnation


Only through becoming flesh

can God personally deliver His words into the ears of each person,

so that all who have ears may hear His words

and receive His work of judgment by the word.

Only this is the result achieved by His word,

rather than the Spirit appearing to frighten man into submission.

It is only through this practical and yet extraordinary work

that the old disposition of man, hidden deep within for many years,

can be fully exposed, fully exposed,

so that man may recognize it and have it changed.

These things are all the practical work of God incarnate,

These things are all the practical work of God incarnate,

in which, speaking and executing judgment in a practical manner,

He achieves the results of judgment upon man by the word.

This is the authority of God incarnate

and the significance of God’s incarnation.


Although His flesh is the outward form of an ordinary and normal humanity,

it is the results His words achieve,

the results His words achieve that show to man He is full of authority,

that He is God Himself, God Himself,

and that His words are the expression of God Himself.

By this means all humanity is shown that He is God Himself,

that He is God Himself who became flesh,

that He is to be offended by none,

and that no one can surpass His judgment by the word,

and no force of darkness can prevail over His authority.

Man submits to Him entirely because He’s the Word become flesh,

because of His authority, and His judgment by the word.

The work brought by His incarnate flesh is the authority that He possesses.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Mystery of the Incarnation (4)

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