182 The Authority of God’s Incarnation


Although the flesh of God incarnate

is the outward form of an ordinary and normal humanity,

it’s the results His words achieve

that show to man He is full of authority, that He is God Himself,

and that His words are the expression of God Himself.

By this means all people are shown that He is God Himself,

that He is God Himself who became flesh,

that He is to be offended by none,

and that no one can surpass His judgment by the word,

and no force of darkness can prevail over His authority.

Man submits to Him entirely because He is the Word become flesh,

because of His authority, and because of His judgment by the word.

The work brought by His incarnate flesh

is the authority that He possesses.


The reason why God becomes flesh

is because the flesh can also possess authority,

and He is capable of carrying out work

in a practical manner among mankind,

in such a way that it’s visible and tangible to man.

This work is much more practical than

the work done directly by the Spirit of God,

who possesses all authority,

and its results are also apparent.

This is because God’s incarnate flesh can speak and work in a practical way.

The outward form of His flesh holds no authority,

and can be approached by man,

whereas His essence does carry authority,

but His authority is visible to none.

When He speaks and works,

man cannot detect the existence of His authority;

this facilitates Him in doing work of a practical nature.


All this practical work can achieve results.

No man realizes He holds authority,

or sees that He is not to be offended, or sees His wrath,

but He achieves the intended results of His words

through His veiled authority, His hidden wrath,

and the words He openly speaks.

In other words, through His tone of voice, the sternness of His speech,

and all the wisdom of His words, man is utterly convinced.

In this way, man submits to the word of God incarnate,

who seemingly has no authority,

thereby fulfilling God’s aim of saving man.

This is another aspect of the significance of His incarnation:

to speak in a more practical way

and allow the reality of His words to have an effect upon man,

so that man may witness the power of the word of God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Mystery of the Incarnation (4)

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