188 God’s Only Wish on Earth


God comes in the flesh this time

in answer to an invitation,

and in pointed response to the condition of man.

That is, God comes to supply man with what man needs.

No matter what man’s caliber or breeding,

God will enable him to see God’s word

and, from His word,

see the existence and manifestation of God,

and accept God’s perfection,

changing man’s thoughts and notions

so that the original countenance of God

is firmly rooted in the depths of man’s heart.

This is God’s only wish on earth.


No matter how great man’s inborn nature,

or how poor man’s substance,

or what man’s behavior in the past was really like,

God pays no regard to these,

God pays no regard to these.

God only hopes for man to make completely new

the image of God he has in his inner heart

and to come to know the substance of mankind,

and thereby arrive at the change of man’s ideological outlook,

and to be able to long for God from the depths,

and awaken an eternal attachment to Him:

This is the one demand God makes of man.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Work and Entry (7)

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