248 God’s Basis for Condemning People


In the time when God had not yet become flesh,

the measure of if man resisted God

was based on if man worshiped and looked up

to the invisible God in heaven.

The way in which resistance to God

was defined at that time was not practical,

it was not all that practical,

for man couldn’t see God,

nor did he know what the image of God was like,

or how He worked and spoke, how He worked and spoke.

Man had no notions about God whatsoever,

and he believed in God vaguely,

because God had not yet appeared to man.

Therefore, no matter how man believed in God in his imagination,

God did not condemn man or make too many demands of him,

because man was completely unable to see God,

because man was completely unable to see God.


When God becomes flesh and comes to work among men,

all behold Him and hear His words,

and all see the deeds of God in the flesh.

At that moment, all man’s notions become foam.

As for those who have seen God appearing in the flesh,

they shall not be condemned if they willingly submit to Him,

they shall not be condemned if they willingly submit to Him,

whereas those who purposefully resist Him

shall be deemed opponents of God.

Such people are antichrists, enemies who willfully resist God.

Those who have notions of God but gladly submit won’t be condemned.

God condemns man based on man’s intentions and actions,

never for his thoughts and ideas, never for his thoughts and ideas.

If He were to condemn man based on his thoughts and ideas,

then not a single person could escape from the wrathful hands of God.


Those who willfully resist the incarnate God

shall be punished for their disobedience.

With regard to these people that willfully resist God,

their resistance stems from their notions about God,

which leads them in turn into actions that disturb God’s work.

These people intentionally resist and destroy God’s work.

These people intentionally resist and destroy God’s work.

They don’t merely have notions about God,

but they also engage in activities that disturb His work,

and for this reason people of this kind shall be condemned,

shall be condemned.

Those who do not willfully disturb God’s work

shall not be condemned as sinners,

because they can willingly submit,

and they don’t engage in

activities that cause disruption and disturbance.

People like this shall not be condemned.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. All People Who Do Not Know God Are People Who Oppose God

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