270 God Is Seeking Those Who Thirst for His Appearance


Today, such righteous men as Noah,

who worshiped God and shunned evil,

have ceased to exist.

Yet God is still gracious toward this mankind

and absolves them during this final era.

God seeks those who long for Him to appear,

He seeks those who can hear His words,

those who haven’t forgotten His commission

and offer up their hearts and bodies to Him.

He seeks those who are as submissive as babies before Him

and do not resist Him.

If you devote yourself to God, unimpeded by any power or any force,

God shall look upon you with favor,

God shall bestow His blessings upon you, upon you, oh,

God shall bestow His blessings upon you.


If you’re of high station, of great reputation,

possessed of abundant knowledge,

if you’re the owner of plentiful assets, and supported by many people,

yet these things do not prevent you from coming before God

to accept His calling and commission and to do what God asks of you,

then all that you do shall be the most meaningful cause on earth,

and the most just undertaking of mankind, oh.

If you reject God’s call for the sake of status and your goals,

all you do shall be cursed and even despised by God.


Perhaps you’re a president, a scientist, a pastor, or an elder,

but no matter how high your office,

if you rely on your knowledge and ability in your undertakings,

then you shall always be a failure

and shall always be bereft of God’s blessings,

because God accepts nothing that you do,

and He does not grant that your undertaking is a just one,

or accept that you’re working for the benefit of mankind.

God will say that everything you do

is done to use the knowledge and strength of mankind

to thrust the protection of God away from man,

and that it is done to deny the blessings of God.

He will say that you’re leading mankind

toward darkness, toward death,

and toward the start of a limitless existence

in which man has lost God and His blessing.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Appendix 2: God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind

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