283 The Life of Man Is Entirely Under God’s Sovereignty


If a person only believes in fate—even if they feel deeply about it—

but is not thereby able to know and recognize

the Creator’s sovereignty over the fate of humanity,

to submit to it and accept it,

then their life will nonetheless be a tragedy,

a life lived in vain, a life lived in vain, a void;

they will still be unable to come under the Creator’s dominion,

to become a created human being in the truest sense of the term,

and to enjoy the Creator’s approval.

A person who truly knows and experiences the Creator’s sovereignty

should be in an active state, not a state that is passive or helpless.

While such a person would accept that all things are fated,

they should possess an accurate definition of life and fate:

Every life is subject to the Creator’s sovereignty.


When one looks back on the road one has walked,

when one recollects every phase of one’s journey,

one sees that at every step,

whether one’s journey was arduous or smooth,

God was guiding one’s path, planning it out.

It was God’s meticulous arrangements, His careful planning,

that led one, unknowingly, to today.

To be able to accept the Creator’s sovereignty, to receive His salvation—

what great fortune that is!

When one looks back upon one’s journey,

when one truly comes to grips with God’s sovereignty,

one will more earnestly desire to submit to everything that God has arranged,

will have more determination and confidence to let God orchestrate one’s fate

and to stop rebelling against God.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique III

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