293 God Hopes That Mankind Can Continue to Live


God had despised humanity because they were hostile to Him,

but in His heart, His care, concern, and mercy

for humanity remained unchanged.

Even when He destroyed mankind, His heart remained unchanged.

When humanity was full of corruption and rebellious toward God

to a grievous extent,

God had to destroy this humanity,

because of His disposition and essence, and in accordance with His principles.

But because of God’s essence, He still pitied mankind,

and even wanted to use various ways to redeem mankind

so they could continue to live.


Man, however, opposed God, continued to rebel against God,

and refused to accept God’s salvation;

that is, refused to accept His good intentions.

No matter how God called to them, reminded them,

supplied them, helped them, or tolerated them,

man did not understand or appreciate it,

nor did they pay attention, nor did they pay attention.

In His pain, God still did not forget to grant man His maximum tolerance,

waiting for man to reverse course. After He reached His limit,

He did what He had to do without any hesitation.

In other words, there was a specific time period and process

from the moment God planned to destroy mankind

to the start of His work in destroying mankind.

This process existed for man to reverse course,

and this was the last chance God gave to man.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself I

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