295 The Original Mankind Were Living Beings With Spirit


In the beginning, God created mankind;

that is, God created mankind’s ancestor, Adam.

He was endowed with form and image,

brimming with vigor, brimming with vitality,

and was, furthermore, in the company of God’s glory.

That was the glorious day when God created man.

After that, Eve was produced from the body of Adam,

and she too was the ancestor of man,

and so the people that God created were filled with His breath

and brimming with His glory.


Adam was originally born from God’s hand

and was the representation of God’s image.

Thus the original meaning of “Adam” was a being created by God,

imbued with God’s vital energy, imbued with God’s glory,

having form and image, having spirit and breath.

He was the only created being, possessed of a spirit,

who was capable of representing God, of bearing God’s image,

and receiving God’s breath, receiving God’s breath.


In the beginning, Eve was the second human endowed with breath

whose creation God had ordained,

so the original meaning of “Eve”

was a created being who would continue God’s glory,

filled with His vitality and furthermore endowed with His glory.

Eve came from Adam, so she also bore God’s image,

for she was the second human to be created in God’s image.

The original meaning of “Eve” was a living human,

with spirit, flesh, and bone,

with spirit, flesh, and bone;

she was God’s second testimony

as well as His second image among mankind, among mankind.

They were mankind’s ancestors, man’s pure and precious treasure,

and, from the first, living beings endowed with spirit,

living beings endowed with spirit.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. What It Means to Be a Real Person

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