353 Where Is the Evidence of Your Compatibility With God?


You’re plenty arrogant, greedy and perfunctory;

the tricks with which you fool God are plenty clever,

and you have plenty of contemptible intentions and methods.

Your loyalty is too meager, your earnestness too paltry,

and your conscience even more lacking.

There is too much maliciousness in your hearts,

and no one is spared from your malice, not even God.

You shut Him out for the sake of your children,

or your husband, or your own self-preservation,

your own self-preservation.

Instead of caring about God, you care about your family,

your children, your status, your future, and your own gratification.

When have you ever thought of God as you spoke or acted?

On frigid days, your thoughts turn to your children,

your husband, your wife, or your parents.

On blistering days, God holds no place in your thoughts, either.

When you do your duty, you’re thinking of your own interests,

of your personal safety, of the members of your family.

What have you ever done that was for God?


When have you ever thought of God?

When have you ever devoted yourself to God and His work at any cost?

Where is the evidence of your compatibility with Him?

Where is the reality of your loyalty to Him?

Where is the reality of your submission to Him?

When have your intentions not been for the sake of gaining His blessings?

You fool and deceive God, you play with the truth,

you conceal the existence of the truth,

and betray the essence of the truth.

What awaits you in the future by going against God in this way?


You merely seek compatibility with a vague God,

and merely seek a vague belief,

yet you are not compatible with Christ, yet you are not compatible with Christ.

Will not your maleficence beget the same retribution

as that deserved by the evil?

It won’t be so for those compatible with Christ.

Though they have lost so much,

though they have suffered much hardship,

they shall receive all of the inheritance God bequeaths to mankind.

Ultimately, you will understand that

God alone is the righteous God, the righteous God,

and that God alone is capable

of taking mankind into his beautiful destination,

God alone is capable of taking mankind into his beautiful destination.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. You Should Seek the Way of Compatibility With Christ

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