508 Focus on Practicing Truth to Be Perfected


There is a rule to God’s perfection of people,

which is that He enlightens you by using a desirable part of you

so that you have a path to practice

and you can separate yourself from all negative states,

helping your spirit attain release,

and making you more able to love Him.

In this way, you can throw off the corrupt disposition of Satan.

You are artless and open, willing to know yourself

and to put truth into practice.

God will certainly bless you, so when you are weak and negative,

He enlightens you doubly, helping you know yourself more,

be more willing to repent for yourself,

and be more able to practice the things that you should practice.

Only in this way can your heart be peaceful and at ease,

be peaceful and at ease.


A person who ordinarily pays attention to knowing God, knowing himself,

who pays attention to his own practice,

will be able to frequently receive God’s work,

as well as His guidance and enlightenment.

Even though such a person may be in a negative state,

he is able to turn things around immediately,

whether due to the action of conscience or the enlightenment from God’s word.

The change of a person’s disposition is always achieved when he knows

his own actual state and God’s disposition, and the work of God.

A person who is willing to know himself and open himself up

will be able to carry out truth.

This kind of person is a person who is loyal to God,

and they have understanding of God,

whether this understanding be deep or shallow, meager or plentiful.

This is God’s righteousness,

and it is something that people attain; it is their own gain.


A person who has knowledge of God is one who has a basis, who has vision.

This kind of person is certain about God’s flesh,

and is certain about God’s word and God’s work.

Regardless of how God works or speaks,

or how other people cause disturbance,

he can stand his ground, and stand firm in his witness for God.

The more a person is this way,

the more he can carry out the truth he understands.

Because he is always practicing God’s word,

he obtains more understanding of God,

and possesses the resolve to forever stand firm in his witness for God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Only Those Who Focus on Practice Can Be Perfected

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