538 Man Is Saved When They Cast Off Satan’s Influence


Man’s flesh is of Satan, it is full of rebellious dispositions,

it is deplorably filthy, and it is something unclean.

People covet the enjoyment of the flesh too much

and there’re too many manifestations of the flesh;

this is why God despises man’s flesh to a certain extent.

When people cast off the filthy, corrupt things of Satan,

they gain God’s salvation.

But if they still do not divest themselves of filth and corruption,

then they are still living under the power of Satan.


People’s conniving, deceitfulness, and crookedness are all things of Satan.

God saves you to free you from these things of Satan.

God’s work cannot be wrong;

it is all done in order to save people from darkness.

When you have believed to a certain point

and can divest yourself of the corruption of the flesh,

and are no longer constrained by this corruption,

will you not have been saved?

When you live under Satan’s power

you are incapable of manifesting God,

you are something filthy, and cannot receive God’s inheritance.

Once you have been cleansed and made perfect,

you will be holy, you will be a normal person,

and you will be blessed by God and delightful to God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Practice (2)

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